WordPress is everywhere and if you are not using wordpress for your website of blog then you are missing something important. Important enough to take over almost all internet websites just like google have captured search market. Popularity of wordpress is increasing everyday because if regular awesome updates. WordPress core team is working quite hard to make the platform suitable for almost all kind of websites. But there are some potential threats involved too which can destroy your whole business in a day.

(don’t panic, read along).


New bloggers often make a mistake is that they tend to choose free theme or pirated theme for their first blog. In the learning phase there is no harm with free theme but as you progress and master the concept of blogging you should turn your head toward professional themes.

When we say professional themes we mean to paid themes.

Why to buy a theme if there are plenty of free themes?

You are right there are thousands of free wordpress themes you can choose from. But what are the possible threats while using a free theme?

Why to Buy Theme From Legit Developer

buy-genuine-wordpress-themeMaking wordpress theme is not as easy as designing a HTML page. It requires excellence and hundreds of hours practice to design perfect and beautiful theme. Legit Theme developers includes every aspects of SEO and design patterns so that site works seamlessly.

And What’s Wrong With Free Themes:

I have seen very few free themes which looks professional, beautiful as well as optimized for SEO. A lot of them comes with broken pieces. You might not notice everything but search engine crawlers are smart enough to sense every aspect of your site. If they see some broken pages they index them as it is and you might loose faith of search engines in your site. Correct and optimized site design is what google’s design and content guidelines requires.

Why Not to Use Free Themes That Allure You to Download

dont get free theme its harmfulRemember nothing in this world is free. If someone is giving something to you then there might be catch somewhere.

Whether it will be the limited version of their premium theme.

A novice has made the theme just to learn theme design. Probably incomplete and broken theme.

To hack your wordpress site. This is happening quite often now a days and if you are using a free theme then checking your code is must. To check all of your theme files for malicious stuff use TAC plugin.

From where to download Free Themes?

get free wordpress themeAlthough there are potential risks to download free themes but if you are not running a business site of testing wordpress for various reasons then buying a theme is not a good idea. Even in this case I too prefer using free theme. But such free stuff must be downloaded from some authentic source like WordPress’s own theme repository.

You will be surprised to see that internet is full of free themes. But wordpress theme repository contains only 1777 themes (June 2013 stats). WordPress tries to maintain that standard for the themes and that’s why they have such small number.

But you often find limited version of theme from a genuine developer. No doubt that these themes are safe to use but with very limited functionality.

If you are working on a a clients site then don’t ignore the fact that by using a free theme you will get in trouble and your client might loose his site one day. It’s better to buy a genuine theme from a genuine developer group.

How free or pirated themes can harm your whole business?

parated theme penaltyPeople are downloading free themes from anywhere including torrents, file hosting sites etc. Without even realizing the risk involved with it.

  • Hacker might trace your data to get stats of your blog posts.
  • Some hacker might be copying all your posts to their blog automatically and generating duplicate content of your post and publishing them with their name.
  • Sniffing valuable information like passwords. Remember a theme has the ability to play with database.

If there is some malicious code in your free theme it’s more likely that it either changes the password or send it to the hacker or it might create a new user with admin rights and sends it to the hacker. Anything is possible with pirated theme.

Piracy, Adsense and Other Factors:

piracy will ban your siteI have covered almost every aspect about why not to use free wordpress theme. But there are some points which are worth considering if you are still not convinced about the possible threat.

Threat with Adsense:

You might loose your adsense account. If you are using a pirated theme which belongs to some theme designing company then they might report that to google about it. If google found their complaint right then they either decrease your search engine ranking or disable adsense ads on your site or even worse they disable your adsense account. Anything can happen and sometimes google does this without warning. Have a Look at google copyright law. If you keep on violating copyright then disabling your google account can also be considered by google.

Other Possible Threats:

Copyright holder can file a case, although it rarely happens with digital products but is possible. Which can be prosecuted by local police (if you and copyright holder are from same country).


With all possible threats no one can run their business smoothly. If you are a blogger or a web designing company then such acts might kill all your business. It’s better spending as little as $49 for a theme. You will not just get beautiful, optimized and error free theme but a peace of mind from all such threats. You can download genuine themes from here.