Windows 7 is exciting operating system. After the failure of windows vista they have implemented lot of good features and one of them is search capabilities. In windows 7 you search in many ways.

find images in windows 7

Days are gone when you have to search by inputting just name of the file. With windows 7 you can search files like: Finding all images at once. Sort all images with name with multiple parameters. It getting little technical and boring. Lets understand with an example.

Suppose you like to search Images in your PC or laptop.

Click start and start writing: “kind:pictures” (without quots)

This will search all the pictures in your hard disk no matter whatever their names. Is it not interesting. Well not enough 🙂

Suppose you need to search Images with certain name like “john”.

Click start and write : kind:pictures AND name:john (Yes AND operator)

You can search with AND, OR, NOT operators too. Is it not interesting now.

NOTE: Remember you need to write these operators in capitals (AND, OR, NOT and not like and,or,not)

There are lot more filters you can use with windows 7 search. for more filters click here

Windows 7 is full of exciting features and one of them is How to Find Images in Windows 7