Reference to my previous article : How to find images on windows 7 now we will try to find MP3 files.

We all has a big big problem, we all copy files here and there on computer and then waste lot of time to find them.Finding all mp3 files is a big hassle when computer is not organised. Well it not true with windows 7 anymore. If you are unorganized then windows 7 will organize your stuff. I am talking about the unique search feature in windows 7.

how to search mp3 on computer

MP3 files has file extension .mp3 so we will use this extension with a keyword type like this type:mp3

Click Start and start typing in the search bar of start menu and write type:.mp3. you will be amazed to see all the mp3 files in your computer or laptop.

Thats not enough guys you can filter more by combining more parameters.

Example: Wana search for a mp3 file name Kalimba (its a free mp3 file come with win 7). you need to write type:mp3 AND name:kalimba on search bar.

Lets see what is this about..

Type is a parameter. There are many more parameters you can use for example Kind, Datemodified, type, size

AND is an operator to sort files. You can use operators like AND, OR, NOT (Remember write operators in capitals only)

Name is again a parameter which is used to find files which has a specific string like name:britney will find all the files named britney and when we combine it with type:mp3 then only mp3 files named britney or having britney in their name will come out.