Do you know that Gmail can be used as a folder to store files.
There can be many scenarios where you can use this feature.

Suppose you’re working on a project with one of your friend and often need to share files. If your friend is online then you can send the file by using a messenger. But what if he is offline then you have to send it via e-mail. This is a tiring process when you need to share file and keep record what have you shared and that can be used anytime in future.

Well there is a convenient way which can be used by upload your files on the Gmail server just like copy paste.

The software name is GMail Drive.

Just download the software and install it on your computer and on your friend’s computer. When you install it, a separate drive will be created in “My Computer” with the name Gmail drive.

Double click the Gmail drive. It will ask for the login, just fill in the login information and click OK. It might throw some error. Don’t worry the Gmail needs a secure connection. Click on “more” button and select “ use secure HTTP”.

Try logging again.

Hurray, you have just got a new 7GB hard disk for FREE.

Tell your friend to do the same by using the same login information.
Now whenever you need to share files just copy and paste the files into that Gmail Drive folder.
(Use a separate Gmail account. I am sure you won’t use it on your existing account :P)

Remember these fights are being sent just like a normal e-mail. So all the file size restrictions are applicable.

That was all about using Gmail as a folder to a store your files.

If you have any query feel free to comment.