Why This Article

Few days back I have explained why it’s a good idea to remove date-time (timestamp) from blog post. In this post I’ll talk about how to remove date-time (timestamp) from blog post so that google can’t show it in their searches. Here I will make one point clear that this will not affect your rich snippet on google in anyway.

So if you running a blog and hungry for traffic then this little trick will definitely increase it but expect a lot from it. In consequent posts me and my team will write more about.


  • Knowledge of WordPress Theme Editing (even very basic will work).
  • Very Basic Knowledge of HTML

If you don’t have these prerequisites then I advise you not to work it on a live blog. First give it a try on a test theme then implement it on your live theme, although this stuff is very basic.

Time Required: 5-10 mins.

How to Remove TimeStamp from Blog Post

Not all themes works same way so I’ll explain it with some extra details.

If you are using Thesis Theme

Thesis is a wonderful theme with lot of control in their own control panel. If you own one then :

Login to your WordPress blog >> Thesis Options >> Under Display Options >> Bylines (DropDown) >> Show published-on date in post byline (Uncheck it).

That’s it. Now your blog posts won’t show any timestamp.


For Other Themes

If you are having a theme with nice control panel then it’s possible that you get setting related to bylines. Check that first.

Delete Time Date From WordPress Blog PostsIf your theme doesn’t come with control panel then it’s time to dirty your hands with some theme editing.

Since bylines are related to single.php so you need to open it in an editor and find the code related to Date-Time.

In my sample theme I have found this code:

<?php the_time(‘F jS, Y’) ?>

I removed this and TimeStamp is gone from my posts.

Final Words

That’s all. You have removed Date and Time (called TimeStamp) from your wordpress blog posts. There are few benefits of removing it. First of all it gives an impression to search engine users that your content is evergreen because search engines will not show it’s published date.

Remember this tip won’t increase your site ranking in any manner nor it decrease ranking. Removing time stamp will help you to get few extra hits. Because now your older posts will not show to search engine users that this post is old (No TimeStamp).