Keeping website content fresh is the biggest challenge among bloggers. We feel lazy and demotivated while it’s about keeping our website fresh. Internet is changing rapidly. Fresh and updated content must be a daily routine for blogger. I have come-up with some basic tips about freshness of blog.

I doesn’t mean to overload the work but I intented work smartly to keep our site fresh and updated not just for search engines but for our users. After all we are writing for them.

Keep Content Fresh EverGreen

Is It Really Important to Keep Site Fresh?

I guess you know the answer. It’s definitely YES.

Fresh content is not just necessary for search engines to develop a good impression about your site, It’s also important for your dedicated users. You should think about your users and write accordingly with tried, tested and latest information. Like I always say that a good, researched and full of details article is far better than 100 poorly written ones.

But What is Freshness?

old-content-vs-new-fresh-contentI am very fond of mobiles and I often take examples of them.

In today’s world everyone likes coloured mobiles so will a shopkeeper show you monochrome (black and white) mobile? I think you have understood my point. If you have a blog related to mobiles then talking about old bulky monochrome phones will not lead you anywhere. Their time is over.

If today American President is Barak Obama and you are still talking about G.W. Bush by presuming him as president then that will not fetch any interest.

Search Engines are becoming smart and they evaluate lot of factors while ranking your site. If you are a news website and deals in politics but not writing about current ministers, current president or new policies coming out then your articles will not attract search engine to rank you higher.

Freshness can be dealt in one more way: Updating your old articles with updates is always a good idea. If you will add new related content to your already ranking article will not just fetch more traffic because you have included more related words, but it increases faith of users in your site. That’s called a better branding.

How to Keep Your WebSite Content Fresh

There are lot of techniques being followed and I’ll try to list those that are most important.

  • Write articles at frequent intervals. With more fresh content coming regularly from a site increases search engines faith in your site.
  • Always write relevant articles. If you are writing about everything on a single website then you loose authority and today search engines like authority. Better focus on branding.
  • Spend some time in researching to know what’s new before your start writing something. Prime freshness factor.
  • Have a look at webmaster’s tool to know more about your site’s keywords.
  • Don’t just write articles based on keywords. Write for community. Search Engines are becoming more smart and one day they will change all ranking parameters. So, focus on your content and not much on keywords.
  • Maintain the flow of your write-up.
  • Don’t over optimize your site.
  • Put social media buttons at the right place. Search Engines are considering social signals too. How engaging your content is.
  • Have a good website design. It’s a must because everyone likes beautiful and professional website. Get one from ThemeJunkie if you don’t have a good design.

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