How to do magic tricks for kids

If you wish to make your child stand out make him/her learn something unique. You may try to teach your kid some magic tricks.

Here is how you may initiate your child into learning something as distinct and interesting as magic tricks. This not only involves mystique and adventure but it could prove to be a highly entertaining hobby for your kid. It is a challenging art and if the tricks are performed effectively, the audience would just be spellbound by the genius of your child.

What are the basics of performing a magic trick for kids?

The first thing to keep in mind is that magic tricks for kids should be interesting and easy to learn/perform. The kids must be able to enjoy what they are doing so as to make them more convincing about the kind of activity they are going to undertake.

The things which are made available for this purpose should be uncomplicated and easily available. For instance, you may make them learn magic tricks using cups, beads, coins, sponge balls, plastic shapes, colorful cloth pieces, wands, boxes, colorful rubber bands, straws and wooden sticks etcetera.

To add more color and inflame interest vis-à-vis this activity you may also make available your child’s own magic table and chair and even a magician’s costume! And hey, make them learn some magic words and sounds to appear more convincing!!

Which tricks are the most popular among kids?

The second step is choosing the right kind of magic tricks for kids. A variety of tricks are available with videos which can prove really helpful in making your child learn simple and effective magic tricks. Some of them are mentioned here-

The jumping rubber band trick

Missing toothpick trick

Problem solving tricks

Vanishing a coin trick

Find the bead under a cup trick

Palm magic trick

What precautions should be taken?

Thirdly, knowing a trick is all very well but it is important to practice it enough number of times before actually bringing it forth to an audience. Instill the habit of practicing a magic trick in your child before you let him perform it before others to reduce the chances of misapplication or forgetting it.

All it involves is taking the audience into confidence and making them see what you want them to and not want they wish to see. Doing things in quick succession; redirecting audience attention; and fooling the audience that something just happened while nothing did, will all come readily to a magician but only if he/she masters the art.

Always make sure that the child goes on to learn simple tricks first like the ‘Sleight of Hand’ before he ventures into more complicated tricks. Make good use of the mirror for practicing because gaining confidence in oneself is absolutely essential before the child does anything in magic tricks.

Finally and most importantly, make your child learn that magic is an art form and should be respected like any other art form.

So this was a beginner’s guide to start off a journey of illusions. The above mentioned steps would initiate your kids into the fascinating world of magic which has its own experiments and mysteries. Let your children go on an exploration and invention trip. Just let them know the basics of performing a magic trick; the tricks they can perform easily; and the precautions which should be taken while performing and see your children grow into little wondrous magicians.