Everybody like doing little research before doing something whether small or big. But how to do research?

First of all ask yourself what you want to research?  For Ex. whether you like to search, where in the world people are searching “vacation places” during what months this search term goes high and low. Yes, this is a difficult job to gather such great samples and it becomes more difficult when such sample groups are from all over the world.

So, how such research could be done without going anywhere and within seconds?

We all use search engines and we often search everything on it so search engines can be a good place to take such samples. The best part is these samples are not fabricated by anyone.

So what is the best research tool online to see such trends?

Answer: Google Insight for search

You will be amazed to see that pakistan is at 1st place to search “bollywood”  and Fiji at 2nd.

Search for “vacation places” and again you will be amazed to see the graph pattern. People are searching less for “vacation places” during September to December mid. People are searching vacation places during june and july and top searchers are from united states.

This Research Tool can be used to gather almost all samples and YES this is one of the best Keyword Research Tool for internet marketing and SEO personals.