Restrict Illegal Websites access from Kids

I was getting many questions from parents who have kids and have internet facility at their home. Such common questions are:

  • I don’t know what my kid is doing online, I feel insecure when my 14 years son uses internet.
  • I know every friend of my daughter, they all are very friendly and nice but what she is doing online, I am totally unaware.
  • Even kids has their private life but its a fact that you can influence them easliy to do something wrong, said by a 15 years old daughter’s father. He said, I don’t like to interfere in her private life, after-all we must have a private space where we live with our emotions. But being a parent we have some basic responsibilities and if your child is not telling you the secrets then things might get worse.
  • Kids will do everything at their age, but the problem is they are doing it before they get mature, because of such free internet.
  • How can I stop my kid by watching illegal sites on internet.

There were many more questions but the above problems seems genuine, so i decided to write something on this topic.

I will write complete series on “How to track kids internet activity” and “how to stop watching kids illegal stuff online”.

Being a computer professional and this matter is also computer related, so sometimes I will be little techie but i will do my best to explain the reasons what we are doing here to save our kids from internet monster without knowing them that we are being tracked and saved.

Warning: It’s a very sensitive issue, so please be careful when you get to know something unusual about your kid. Maintain your calm and take advice from experts like psychiatrist, family doctors etc.


Problem number 1: Stop kids watching illegal stuff online:

This is going to be technical.

First of all make sure your kid is not using an admin account on PC, otherwise this trick will not work.

Make a separate user account for your child. Click this -> How to make separate account for your child.

If you have a separate user account for your child without admin right then read on. Its a very necessary step because kids are smart enough they will override the changes we made here.

Assuming that you have made the “standard user” account for your kid.

To make following changes you must be logged in by “Admin Rights” account. An admin account is default account you use on PC.

We are going to change DNS entries. Its for windows 7 users.

Start >> Control Panel (View by : Category) >> Network and Internet >> Network and Sharing Center

Click Connections (Here its Wireless Network Connection, You might have LAN (wired) connected)

A pop-up will come up >> (Click) Properties >> (Double Click) Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IP v4) >> (Click Button) Use the following DNS Server Addresses (If they are already filled, replace them with these new ones)

CAUTION : I advice you to note down previous entries, so that you can restore them if something goes wrong or your internet will stop working.

Click OK. Make sure you are not changing other entries here otherwise your internet might not work.

Thats it. Now open your web browser and open and write “Porn website” and try to open any of these websites. You will see this.

Sorry, but (site-name) is blocked on this network.

This site was categorized in: Video sharing, Adult Themes, Lingerie/Bikini, Sexuality, Nudity, Pornography


Logic behind changing DNS settings (In case you like to increase your knowledge):

DNS stands for Domain Name System. Domain Name is nothing but a website name Ex., Here is a domain and is another domain.

When we open a website by typing its Domain Name on a browser, browser sends a request to DNS server (what we entered earlier in our settings) to get the IP address of the site we are going to open. DNS server is nothing but a table which contains domain name and its corresponding IP address. When browser receives this IP address then there is no role of DNS server anymore. Now your browser and server of that  IP address will do the rest.

Basically what we does is we changed the DNS address in our PC. This new DNS server’s table doesn’t contain the IP addresses of Porn Website. So our browser is not able to open them. As simple as that.

That was all about blocking illegal websites. But thats not enough for kids.

Next article will be published soon.