Passionate bloggers are writing good stuff but still they are lacking to grab search engines attention. In the journey of blogging a time comes when we wonder why search engines are not grabbing my stuff? What’s wrong I am doing? What kind of post a search engine wants? there can be so many questions one can ask and there is no straight answer to that.

Only proper knowledge will bring the success.

And for blogging you need to have right skill set. Search engines are sitting for awesome content. Do you have the guts to provide them?

Details vs Precise

What search engine wantThere was time when people were writing anything and with little backlinks they were able to achieve good ranking. Everything was working fine but all of a sudden google hammered the whole structure. Not only such crazy blogs go out of business but their supported backlink banks were marked spam too. Panda and Penguin came into picture.

  • Why Penguin and Panda came?

With a dedicated task to free search engine indexes from spam. Google have done the job quite well but left blogging community in dilemma for many questions like what should be the ranking criteria from now onwards. Google is not revealing their internal algo stats, only guesses are being carried out. Some of them are on right track but some of them are like shooting bullets in dark.

## Don’t over optimize your blog post

  • Detailed vs Precise Blog Post

Now search algorithms are gaining some mind and have started deciding like a human mind. Do you buy a book which says it will teach you blogging in 2 days but contains only 2 pages of stuff.

Some of them will buy them but what kind of blogger will they become? Will that much of knowledge be enough to become a good and successful blogger.

Since panda and penguin a general perception came into picture that from now on poorly written and tiny blog posts will be considered spam.

“For tiny content go to twitter or facebook. Blogging is not your cup of tea.”

So, a blogger must be like an awesome teacher who can explain his/her point in various ways so that their readers grasp it well. Keep the length of post enough that can explain your point. Don’t write redundant content just to make it lengthy.

## How to add new stuff to blog post

## Advance Guide to Write Awesome Blog Title

Every blogger has to maintain a perfect and personalized writing style. Learn that too.

Covering all Basics in one post

A blog is a detailed stuff about something. Yes, there are thousands of blog in every niche. Some of them are really authority. Whenever you have dilemma whether you have a chance in particular niche or not read this.

Time and World is changing. It will never be same like it is today.

Only new and different work has the power to bring change.

Don’t try to cover everything in one post and make it impossible to read by someone. Break long post into smaller posts each of minimum 400 words.

-> Work on each individual post and make it worth reading.

-> Interlink your related post into content, just like an awesome book.

There is no harm in writing long blog posts. But different posts will give your blog an authority. Frequent blog posting makes all the difference. No matter, if one of your blog post is not ranking. If few of them will rank and you interlink posts well then all your posts will get ranking boost.

Researched Content

Whether you are new in blogging or an established name, researched content always rank well. If you have noticed some new fact which is not known to others then you definitely gain instant boost in search rankings.

## Write Useful Content Easily

  • Why Researched Content?

Search Engine loves new stuff. Everyday is a new day to do something you have never done before. Every field is producing new stuff and world is hungry for such cool and fresh stuff. That’s why blogs which bring new and researched stuff with a pinch of previous knowledge becomes true authority.

-> Keep an eye on latest trends in your niche.
-> Read new stuff and grasp the knowledge.
-> Write New post with that new knowledge.

  • Sources you can use as seeds:

-> Authority Blogs / Sites in your field.
-> Google News.
-> Bing News.
-> Google Trends (Top Latest Search)

What King of Post Search Engines Like

Search Engines are weird thing. Don’t know what they like or dislike? In future how they will shape?

No matter what algo they release, one thing is sure that if you are producing nice and detailed content about latest trends in your niche, your blog will not fall.

“Search Engine has to show something and it won’t show garbage for sure”

That’s the key of blogging. As long as you will stick with these magical blogging line you will see success in your blogging carrier.