Little cute panda is becoming fat with new algorithms updates. Master Chifu (Don’t mind if you haven’t watched “Kungfu Panda” movie) is teaching all little secrets. No No, I am not going to tell  you the story of any movie. I am trying to explain that over content optimization of your blog post will be penalized by Panda along with her new little friend Penguin. These two SEO killer animals are being fed by google engineers for all possible blackhat seo techniques.

There is a very basic reasons about why I am writing this post for you fellow bloggers is to give you a sweet fruit which panda and penguin will love to eat and finally they will become your friend.

Little Basics (If you don’t understand what is content optimization)

We all are not professional writers, may be some you are. The point is, majority of writers online are not technically trained to write content that search engine loves. If you have faced some kind of penalty after panda update then you must be thinking that google doesn’t need you any more and your content. Well this is partially true.

Content Optimization is must for blogging

If you had been doing stupid backlinking and keyword stuffing then YES google don’t need you any more. But if you were doing your work little bit right but had faced the penalty then I am sure there were something wrong with the content you were writing.

Either you were writing very few about the topic or you were thinking too much about the targeted keyword YES this is content over optimization.

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What Matt Cutt (Google Engineer) has to say on Content

Hope you must have understood how bad / over optimization of content can harm your site.

What’s the Good News?

If you own a wordpress blog then you can control content optimization seo very easily. A plugin which is being used by more than a million blogs can’t go wrong. After Panda and Penguin all bloggers has to focus on content. Remember content is the king and you have to accept the fact.

WordPress is a beautiful platform which simplifies everything for us. We just need to understand a little bit of what is happening around, how search engines are changing their parameters and rules. If you are not that technical or new to blogging then I must say that start understanding  little bit of SEO, content creation.

What I recommend ?

SeoPressor is a premium plugin. If you are writing something, but if its not at all ranking in searches and no one is able to find it, then what’s the point of writing ?

This little plugin will save you lot of time and will keep you focused about what you are writing. It will check everything for you like some guide is telling you what you need to do now.

What SeoPressor plugin can do for you?

-> Will check your content and images and advise you what you are supposed to do with it. Make them useful and search engine friendly.

-> Will give all necessary content optimization tips.

-> It has a unique feature which will check whether your content is over optimized or not.

NOTE : This feature is not available in any other free or premium plugin.

-> It will tell you about related keywords so that you can write a good and quality article. This feature will not let you fall short of ideas. Long articles ranks better and it serves the purpose.

-> All other seo checks like automatic internal linkings, outbound links, tags, images, keyword density almost everything is covered.

-> Based on pure White Hat techniques. Google no more supports blackhat.

I recommend SeoPressor to all my clients and they all are very happy with their blogs and earnings and playing safe from panda and penguin.

Download SeoPressor

This will buy you a personal SEO coach for content optimization.