Back-links are very necessary part for any blog / website and we can’t ignore this fact. In-fact internet’s basic building blocks are based on backlinks and that’s a great loop hole in deciding webpage rankings. Google, Bing, Yahoo – all major search engines are working hard to standardize the basic ranking criteria and in this context they are rolling out various algorithm updates with funny and weird  names (Panda, Penguin).

If you are reading this post then you probably have faced the slap from these massive updates. You are not alone, major SEO companies have lost their businesses because of these updates. You must have been thinking that there is nothing could be done now. Well, you are wrong. We always have ways to get out of the situation.

 Easily remove unwanted spam backlinks

Why to Remove Backlinks?

If it’s 2010 then nobody from the seo world would have advised you that you should remove any kind of back-link. Everybody in those days were busy in building crazy linkings from all sort of websites whether they were from valuable resource or not.  I always have advised my customers that don’t do crazy link building because very soon this era will end. I have sensed this a lot before these algorithms have released because I always kept an eye on what google is doing right now.

You might ask, where is that hole to see what google is doing in their lab?

It’s quite simple. I was reading their research papers and patent filings. They all were giving clues that some standards are being designed with various useful criteria. Cutting long story short: If we stick to beautiful yet simple basics then google will favour your site.

Bad Backlink Penalty

Google have always said they who so ever is linking you doesn’t give any negative impression. Then they have realised that Seo world is taking this statement very seriously. Reverse engineering is get higher ranking became a fruitful business. Then search engine’s spam filter team have taken it very seriously and have started designing algorithms and the outcome we all know.

What are bad backlinks actually?

  • If links are from irrelevant websites. (Why such websites are linking to you)
  • If too many links with specific anchor text, without variation. (They looks artificial).
  • Too many links to homepage only. (looks unnatural too)
  • Only dofollow links. (How can all such links are dofollow)
  • Links from link farms type of sites.
  • Paid links.
  • Any other kind of backhat technique like using some automated software to build backlinks.

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How to Find Bad or Spammy Backlinks?

Now this is real business.

First we need to find all the links pointing to our website (bad or good). For that we can take help of so many tools around who keep record of links. Few good ones are 1) Google Webmaster’s tool 2) Back Link Watch. I guess these 2 resources are good enough. But if you can find more links pointing to your website with any other tool or method, will be good.

Note down all root domains of your backlinks in a text file.

Now we will analyze whether these domains are still valuable or are bad backlinks.

Next Step is to check whether these url’s they are still indexed in google or have been removed because of algo update.

You can check them manually by typing this: site: in google or you can try this tool which will do the checking for you (all at once) with lot of other useful data. –> NetPeak Checker.

Paste the url list we have just created in NetPeak Checker tool. This will give you an insight about all these websites whether they have been de-indexed or are still good for google.

If you have found some bad links then its time to remove them.

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Remove Unwanted Bad or Spam Backlink

Now we have all the spammy links affecting the health of our website. Obviously we can’t remove them because for that we have to contact to webmaster of every website. Unfortunately this method is very tiring and sometimes gives nothing in hand. So, what’s the solution?

Solution is quite simple: Use google’s Disavow Tool. You can learn more about this here.


I have used this tool to remove my bad neighbours. You can also use this tool because this is authentic and directly from google. Because no third party is involved so no risk about getting results. The only risk here is whether you are using it correctly because if you remove some valuable resource then that will of course be real loss.

Choose is correctly and if you have any problem or query them feel free to ask.