Social media sites such as facebook, google+ are getting lot of traffic. There are more and more stuffs coming into SEO world. Making site is easy but optimizing your site with all the rights tags is becoming like a daily job. Such new developments like social media tags or Open Graph Protocols are becoming a necessary part for any site.

If you are running your site on wordpress platform then implementing such new developments becomes lot easier (thanx to wordpress plugin developers).

If you don’t know how to proceed, don’t worry. Fill the contact and I’ll get back to you with all the expert knowledge required to make your wordpress blog not just search engine friendly but social media friendly.


If you like to implement social media tags by yourself, here is the guide.

Why Social Tags are Useful

Social media tags streamline your data so that they can be shared on social sharing sites with nice user experience. These tags are nothing but meta tags but optimized for sharing stuff.

For example if you have written a post with 3 images and like to show image 2 on while someone share your post. Or you like to set some other title for sharing purpose.

Why Open Graph Protocol differ from Traditional Meta Tags

Open Graph protocol logoDuring evolution nature makes certain changes into species. Just like that, internet is evolving and engineers has to make certain standards for social sharing stuffs. They came up with open graph protocols (opg).

They are different in various ways. The only thing to understand here is that they are designed for sharing purposes and sites like facebook, google+ etc are taking these protocols as sharing standards. You specify different elements of your post or site within these tags and they become your social sharing elements.

Example: If you like to show a different title on google (for various optimization purposes) but a different title on facebook. This tedious task can be easily accomplished with these social tags.


Where to put Social Sharing Elements (Tags/Metadata):

As they are metadata so they will be placed in your head section. If you are using wordpress then you have to use a plugin called Open Graph Protocol in Posts and Pages or Nextgen-Facebook. Read along to know how to setup these plugins.

Basic Social Sharing Metadata

While doing onpage seo basic tags are title, description, keywords etc.. Similarly while setting open graphs there are some basic tags and some are advanced tags. Since the coverage of open tags are increasing gradually as more and more sites are trying to implementing these standards, there are some basic tags you should setup.


<meta property="og:title" content="My Social Sharing Title" />


<meta property="og:description" content="My Social Sharing Title" />


<meta property="og:locale" content="en_US" />


<meta property="og:image" content="" />

These are the basic ones for facebook, twitter type of stuff. If you like to graduate in these social sharing tags then go to opg.

If you are using a site which is not on wordpress then you have to set all these tags on everypage. But if you are lucky enough to own a wordpress based site or blog then you can accomplish the task with a plugin.

Social Sharing Open Graph Plugin for WordPress

It’s time to implement open graph protocol on wordpress. As this requires adding tags to head section of each post, which can’t be done with theme editing. WordPress awesome developers always come up with plugins.

Free WordPress Plugin:

Open Graph Protocol in Posts and Pages is a free plugin which adds the desired functionality in your wordpress posts. open-graph-data-in-posts-and-pages

This plugin has all the required functionality but if you are not satisfied with it then it’s time to get a premium plugin.


Premium WordPress Plugin for Open Graph:

Nextgen-Facebook is a premium plugin for open graph. I like it because of its simplicity and support. If you have any problem then write to plugin developer and he will reply you back with the solution.