After Panda update and then followed by penguin update gaining backlinks have become little difficult task. We all know that link juice is the basic thing which helps us to gain better rankings but how can we visualize a better backlink world?

Yesterday I was thinking about backlink world and were trying to compare it with real world examples and found that this virtual world (so called backlink world) is very close to our real world. Not a surprise though, almost all technologies are inspired with real world examples.
My thought was much concentrated on how real world and backlink world are co-related.

Innovative way to visualise a better backlink world

REAL WORLD point of View :

I live in a democratic country. A country where people choose their prime minister by voting. Everybody vote for their MP’s (Member of Parliament) and then these MP’s choose their leader called Prime Minister. Now Prime Minister form a cabinet (a group of minters who has more authority than other MP’s).

If I compare this scenario with search engine strategy then I found great similarities.

SEARCH ENGINE and BACKLINK point of view:

Many sites gives you backlink to become number one in search engine rankings. More the backlinks better is the ranking.    Of course your site must have quality content content to get that ranking.

SIMILARITIES : Democracy and Search Engine:

  • Voting in democracy is equivalent to backlinks in search world.
  • General votes are the basis for a party to come in power and choose their leader as PM is very similar a website gain backlinks and enjoys number one ranking.
  • MP’s (Member of Parliament) in real world have more authority than general public to choose their leader can be compared with authority website which has higher PR (Page Rank).
  • Higher PR backlink gives more link juice and higher rankings.

Hope you are getting what I am trying to explain.

As I was getting similarities between these 2 different worlds, my mind forced me to think more deeply.

After living for 29 years in a democratic country and 6 years of SEO experience gives me authority to compare these two distinct areas.

Why do we need a cabinet of ministers?

Well this is really the most interesting part of this comparison and crux of this post.

Cabinet ministers are responsible for some specific tasks or ministry. They have more authority to talk with PM. If something wrong is happening within a ministry then concerned minister will be responsible, not the PM.

Lets create our virtual backlink world.

General public vote (any kind of backlink) for MP’s (Authority Backlinks). These MP’s choose PM(Your website).

If you get more votes but less authority votes then you can’t be PM (No top ranking, you can be a minister – Lower rankings). But if you get average votes and have all the qualities (Good content, socially engaged etc) to be a PM and also you get more authority votes then you will be having greater chance to become a PM (Top search engine ranking).

Cabinet ministers saves PM from outside allegations. So, we should adopt this policy while creating backlinks.

In this scenario (best seo technique, as far I know) we should create some cabinet ministers (some blogs, wiki’s, guest posts, articles on authority article websites etc) which are pointing to PM (your website). These cabinet ministers must be backed by some outside votes (any kind of backlinks, web-directory, articles, forums, blog comments etc.) so that their authority will get increased. If these cabinet ministers will back you site then your site will surely get higher rankings.

This pic will make you understand.


Star is PM (Your Website)

Weebly, Squidoo, hubpages etc are your Cabinet Ministers

Outside world are your general voters.