Search engines are changing their algorithms very rapidly. I must say these creepy crawlers are learning new and interesting ways to evaluate a web pages. These new but interesting changes are much like cleaning your house and making room for more valuable things. Crawlers are learning fast than you understand. Engineers at search engine companies like google, bing, yahoo are working very hard to weed out bad sites and pages. Earlier they followed techniques which a democratic country follows to elect their PM or President (Yes, the voting system). But Democracy has a big flaw.

If you get to know how to get those votes, no matter how you get them, you will win the election.

Same thing happened with websites. Get backlinks, no matter how you get them. System became corrupt.

What engineers did ?

Engineers are a kind of species who analyze the system before doing anything permanent. Engineers at google then decided to weed out these bad sites from their database. They released Panda (A great warrios) to fight. Everything went well and google cleared their database.


Signals for webmaster

Google showed that they have started the cleaning process. This was the first red signal for those who were abusing the system by getting backlinks from all over the web or even worse by paying money. Google showed them, no more corrupt practices to dilute democracy.

What more signals do we need. Panda, Penguin are more than enough to teach a lesson that its time to change your tactics and techniques.

Backlinksss…. are they useless?

Well NO, backlinks are useful even after so many search engine updates Panda, Penguin, don’t know who is the next animal yet to come. But whatever will happen to the algo, specialists from YEAH! local and other companies are sure that backlinks will remain the basis. Because backlinks are all about how hands and legs of each website are connected to others to form a web.

Those who understand graph theory, two disjoint graphs cant reach the same root. You need an edge to discover nodes of other graph.

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How Search Engines are evolving and what to learn

There are not much to learn. We actually need to understand every missing block.

We need to understand what is morally correct which bring success. We need to understand what is hardwork and what is blackhat. We need to understand what is the need of internet and how can I play my role.


Best SEO Technique Forever

Now we have enough background to understand search engine’s job and a blogger or webmasters job.

Best SEO technique is not Off-Page. Its On-Page. Its all about the content which keeps your site safe. Its all about how you structure your content. Its about what your content contains about the topic. Its about what your whole site is talking about.

Will you buy a book for graph theory which talks about system programming, database, backlink and a little bit of graph theory?

Same things are happening with search engines. They read your site as a book and evaluate every page. If your book is useful and providing the right solution around a topic then there is no reason but to get higher ranking.


What we have learnt

Search Engine’s are evolving and no blackhat technique will be useful. If its working today then tomorrow it won’t and you will face a slap on your cheek as a reward.

Understand that content is king. I know you must have had read this advice thousand times but still you are not getting it. For god sake understand it.

Focus more on your article and make it worth for at-least few group of people out there. Don’t produce garbage. For garbage there is always a bin.

Structure your site like a book and article like a research paper. How they are connected to other related papers or books. That’s the key.

Make your site user friendly and encourage your users to tweet or facebook about it. Don’t ask them to do it, if your content is awesome they will automatically do it.

Don’t spend time on getting backlinks, spend time on making your write-ups with more quality and authority.


Hope you have understood my point. Web is changing into a less corrupt and more democratic world. Be a nice countryman and don’t try to be corrupt. There is just one penalty, NO search rankings.