All is well? A lot of the times it is, but there are some signals which indicates that something fishy is going on. In a relationship at times we loose faith in each other and if that happens more often then it’s quite possible that one of you is all set to take a sharp turn. You can easily spot that your spouse is cheating on you and having an affair with someone else, but after that what? Will you change your behavior and in turn his/her to get him/her back or you are ready to ruin each others lives. Choice is yours, because every case is different.
There are some complex situations in life which can’t be solved by anyone but you. Talking to each other and have faith are the basis of a successful marriage. When we loose both, we invite such troubles in life. Whether it’s because of ego or something else.

Life partners are not supposed to have ego issues, that’s why we call them life partners.

What are the cheat alert or having an affair signs of your spouse:

Not Enough Talk :

Talk can avoid wars. If you notice that your spouse is talking to the point and not sharing any details about the work (Beware: don’t expect every little details always, we all have personal space) or you have no idea what is going on in their life. Sometimes it might be a signal, not always.

Change in Habits :

We all have a style to do everything. And when we need to hide something from someone that changes our behavioral patterns. For example Mobile phone: Is He / She is moving away to take some special call and finding a place where no one can listen. It’s OK to have silence while talking on the phone but hiding something involves patterns. Decide yourself whether He / She is like that always or such change in habit are new for you.

Change in Looks :

You know him/her. How lousy your spouse is ? If you notice that now a days his/her behavior have changed towards his/her looks. He/She want’s to be more beautiful, more sexy and not seeking your opinion about how am I looking. If you are not the motivating factor behind such sudden change in behavior then it’s time to raise your eyebrows. Sometimes people want change but after some days they come back to their comfort zones. If there is someone out there then coming back to comfort zone becomes hard. You know each other’s zones and if one is missing that for long, something is happening.

Fighting over Nothing :

It’s good to have fight specially in a healthy relationship. But if you still care for each other then such fight shouldn’t be over every small thing. What after fight? Whether your spouse is taking step to resolve the issue of finding more reasons for the next small fight. Some people are like that but if your spouse was not like that and all of a sudden he is acting weird then that might be a signal too.

Meeting, Parties and God knows :

If your partner is finding more reasons to be out of house by making excuses like party and meetings then it’s time for you to investigate. Be very careful about your actions because if everything is happening within your mind and there is no fault of your spouse then that might end faith of your spouse within you. Don’t ruin your life if He/She is really busy. If you are smart you can sense the real fish.

Change in Sex Habits :

Is he avoiding you? Finding more reasons to be away. A healthy husband-wife relationship requires a healthy sex life too. Don’t give him/her reasons to feel or say that his/her sex life is becoming sour. Keep experimenting with new stuffs. Internet is full of such excitements you can search the one you both like. Buy new lingerie etc is one of a good experiment. But He/She is not caring at all then there is some major problem.

There can be more signs and signal to track behavior of your spouse. But with these basic human behavior change you can easily spot whether there is someone out there except you or you were thinking in wrong direction and everything is good.
Remember only you two can solve such sensitive issues. We all need some basic things from each other. Love, Faith and Care for each other are the ones which makes the real difference. If something wrong is going on then you can correct that. Don’t try to win, try to convince, try to change your behavior towards each other. Do exciting and lovely things for each other. Ego is the biggest enemy of any relationship, try to control that. Have a lovely life 🙂