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From past few days Jetpack has started showing majority of their search terms as Unknown search term. Which is very problematic to get the idea of which search terms are sending you organic traffic (Organic Traffic : Search Engine Traffic).


Why Majority of Search Terms are Unknown Search Terms?

In September 2013 google has started encrypting their search terms for majority of searches. Which is the basic reason for this activity. Jetpack groups those searches as Unknown search terms which it doesn’t recognize. Google is moving from http to https for their local versions too.

Google says that they are doing such encryption for privacy reason and will not share such useful information with anyone else except their own platforms.

The reason is simple google is challenging other services based on google searches that it’s time to say good bye to their search terms analysis. It’s true that google is domination the search engine field along with other associated fields. And that is the reason google can challenge others to search a new partner.

How to know about these Unknown Search Terms

Because google is offering these terms into their platform so I decided to know about these search terms. But look what have I found.

Google Analytics: majority of search terms are showing “Not Provided”.


The above given screen shot is from one of my website.

I am wondering what google is doing with this valuable data. I guess the normalization process to normalize such data is doing something unusual and will take time to normalize. Soon this not provided will disappear as they fix their code.

Google Webmaster’s Tool: Yes, this is the right place to see the keywords. Although google analytics is the property of google but google webmaster’s tool and analytics uses different algorithms to access the keywords and other data sources. Although webmaster’s is not the right place to judge about the keywords but at this point of time we have no other option.

It’s not that bad. If you pay a little attention to the data in webmaster’s tool then you will find lot of valuable keywords to plan your post writing strategy.

Right now I don’t see any other solution to this problem except google analytics and webmaster’s tool.