WordPress and Google both are evolving with a great pace. In present scenario, no one can beat Google in search engine filtering and WordPress in designing beautiful and secure websites. We can’t tell much about google’s internal logic but whatever comes out with their new algorithm updates, wordpress developers are first to adapt those changes.

Although today’s topic on Interlinking is very important but very few bloggers do implement it. I don’t know why but that’s a fact.

Link blog posts to get rankings.

Reason: Why to Interlink Blog Posts?

For new bloggers : let me tell you what interlinking is?

When you write a blog post then giving reference of your old posts via hyperlinks is called interlinking. Google always focus on quality article and rank them higher. So, a professional blogger should adapt such quality article parameters to write a blog post. Interlinking is one of them. It’s like writing a nice book with good references and everybody likes that.

There are some technical and some quality related reasons to interlink your stuff.

Higher Rankings

Everybody likes that. Getting high search engine rankings is very difficult and only legit SEO practices can give you better rankings for long term. Interlinking your blog posts is one of such practice. Google rank those pages higher which are well designed and gives nice references so that user can learn something. Interlinking and giving reference to good resource, even to some external page is considered as a good sign.

Passing Link Juice to Posts

Right interlinking passes link juice to your older posts. Such link juices are very nice for blog health as they signifies a better web structure.

Decrease Bounce Rate

Only interlinking has the power to decrease bounce rate. Google consider bounce rate as a ranking parameter and with low bounce rate you can win the ranking battle effectively.

Right Way of Post Inter-Linking

Above the Fold: When you link your posts in the beginning (or within first/second paragraph) of new article then that matters a lot for search engine. So interlink important pages in the beginning. First paragraph is like a preface of the article and has significant importance because this is where you decide the structure about your article.

Don’t Link Same Post Multiple Times: Because web crawler crawls the first encounter of the page. If crawler sees the same linked page, it ignores that.

Point to learn: Link post just once and with most significant keyword. You can link the post again within the article to keep up the pace but most significant anchor text must be first one.

Best WordPress Plugin For Interlinking is Insights

Insights is a very simple plugin and takes 2 minutes to understand. The best part of Insights is that it gives you the flexibility to interlink your content the way you like.

I don’t prefer automatic interlinking because of obvious reason: A software can’t fully understands your article and can insert irrelevant links too (bad in terms of seo). Some bloggers prefer automatic interlinking but no matter how good it looks (or saves your time) one day search engine will consider that spam too. Any thing which is automated can be detected and no search engine likes that.


Insights does it’s job pretty well. I’m using it to interlink my posts which is a very important aspect of blogging.



DoFollow or NoFollow: Interlink your content as dofollow (a simple hyper link is dofollow). But if you are referencing some outside page (external link) then you can use nofollow (<a href=”URL” rel=”nofollow”>Anchor Text</a>). Always dofollow your internal links.

How Many Interlinks are Good: Although there are no straight guidelines from any search engine for that, so it must be solved with general instinct. And general sense says you should not interlink irrelevant posts. Don’t form your article that looks like a link farm. Behave normal but at least interlink 3-4 posts. I set a maximum limit of 10.