There is a good news for all the TV lovers. Very soon google will launch Google TV on youtube and then a new battle will start with Apple TV. After so many great services google is all set to launch its own TV service. That is big.

Google is planning to roll out a new feature called Discover. This feature will allow its users to sort categories so that they can watch videos more efficiently.

Google have said in its blog that viewers of this new service will be able to all the things they do on computer like liking a video, add to a playlist or even they can rate a video they like or dislike.

Earlier google collaborated with logitech but that company backed out as they faced some big losses in the project. Now google is all set with their new hardware partners Samsung and LG and aiming that this new product will be pushed into the market very soon.

As we know youtube is owned by google and recently there was a big change on youtube looks. That complete makeover was for this new google tv release. This new app will be for big screen tv’s where user can surf, watch and sort videos very efficiently. If you like watching animal planet then subscribe to that channel and enjoy all previous episodes, documentaries on your big screen tv.

Recently Youtube executive Robert Kyncl have said that very soon 90 percent of the traffic on the web will be in the form of videos and we are planning for the same. This stats looks weird but they are partially true. Recently youtube released stats that every minute many hours of videos are being uploaded and nearly 70 percent traffic on youtube is from outside US. That means the whole world is set for this new trend and google is ready for the giant step in this direction.

Lets see how this service will rock the internet or it turns out to be a flop show just like google buzz.