Why keeping a service which you can’t take care of. Google always says that quality is the key then why he is keeping service like google reader which shows very low quality. I am happy that they are calling google reader back. I guess no one will cry when this service will be off. Despite using engineers on such low quality product use them on some nice projects like chrome, android, webmaster’s too etc.


google reader is going away

Why Were we Using Google Reader?

We might have different reasons / opinion about using any kind of feed readers. The reason why I use google reader (not anymore ) are these:

  • Reading what my fellow bloggers are thinking and writing.
  • What is happening around the world.
  • Getting new ideas by following lot of DIY sites ūüôā
  • Because it’s based on google login and I don’t need to create a¬†separate¬†login.
  • Because it was a google product (although bad quality product).
  • Timepass etc..

I’m sure most of you will agree on above points and must be having few other like of using this dying rss-feed reader.

Reasons : I like Google but not gReader

They follow standards, although now a days they are busy in developing their own standards because they have their own browser in market.

For google reader they are using OMPL (Outline Processor Markup Language) which is extended from XML. Read more about OMPL here.

OMPL is useful because its being followed by almost all other rss reader in market. I really like companies which uses industry standards to develop their product. Because when they go away they can give us option to easily export our data and use other service. This increases credibility in their other software product. Import/Export with different format is a very tying process and not everyone is technically smart to do that.

Reason Being Happy on GReader’s Death

Although, I’m not a kind of person who feel happy on other’s failure but google reader is a different case. Hope you agree with me on this:

  • What’s the point of having a service which you are not upgrading with time.
  • Just because you are google and need to have every possible service on web, doesn’t make a healthy competition.
  • People are not using other better option just because you are not letting them think beyond your services.
  • Feeds are not just feeds. They also need a better makeover and presentation.

Better Options than Google Reader (gReader vs Feedly)

There are far better options that google reader today. FeedDemon is a nice RSS desktop client and use it for other purposes than just reading stuff. Thanx for it’s advance content filtering system. But my first love in feed reading is Feedly.

Feedly has a many kinds of presentations like (Just Titles, Magazine, Timeline, Mosaic, Cards and Full Article).

Although it doesn’t have advance filtering feature but it has everything else like instant social media engagement.

Adding and maintaining feeds, grouping etc is very easy and nicely coded.

It comes with all famous platform plugins. That means you can use it on Google Chrome, Firefox, Android (Mobile and Tablet), iPhone, Kindle.