It’s surprising but true that google is switching off it’s famous google reader service. Google has announced that after June 2013 you won’t see google reader any more.  After bunch of shut downs google has decided one more shut down. Its not just terrible but very disappointing for people who lives under google’s shed. I mean we all love to use different services with single gmail login and these frequent shut downs are like we are loosing out valuables.

Although, wherever google swims, it eats every little fish in the pond but with google-reader that’s not the case. We still have some awesome google reader alternative to replace the giant dying fish.

Why Google is Calling Back Google-Reader?


In recent past google had called off it’s various services and now it’s google-reader. I guess they need more work force on their more ambitious projects like chrome, android, google+. No doubt, whatever they do becomes standard. Although the service was a big hit but what I felt about google reader is quite raw and rough.

They didn’t improve their layout, I mean if I wants to watch my feed like pinterest layout or I just like to know the title’s of  feeds then there was nothing like that. Last time when I tried to make a folder (to group few feeds), I was just scratching my head and finally after 15-20 mins I was able to do it. That was a terrible experience.

Whether you like it or not google reader is saying good bye. But feed reading will still be there.

Google Reader Replacement / Alternatives

  • Best Google Reader Alternative and Replacement1) Feedly : I love this awesome feed reader. I am using feedly on my mobile and tablet. You will find every feature in this google reader alternative.
    • Multiple layout (missing in google reader).
    • Advance Sharing Options (missing in google reader).
    • Keyboard Shortcuts (missing in google reader).
    • Sync feeds on many devices. (Don’t worry if you have added a feed on your mobile and bothering about how to access it on tablet. Auto sync is there.)
    • Available for various platforms like Android, IPhone, Kindle.
    • For web users feedly has plugins for both famous browsers firefox and chrome. How nice ha!!

Although feedly is enough but if you are still thinking to explore more feed readers then look at these nice options.

  • 2) FeedShow :  If you love google reader layout and don’t need much, just a simple clean layout then FeedShow is for you.

Despite clean layout Feed Show has some unique advance features too.

    • OPML (Import all your feeds easily from google reader to FeedShow).
    • Create folders and categorize your feeds just like in google reader.
    • Save Items locally. This is a nice feature.
    • Convert feed content into pdf or nice print format.
    • If you are a publisher then FeedShow gives you option to monetise your feed. It will not be much but certainly a new income stream.
    • Create a free account and you are good to go with similar google reader layout.


  • feeddemon google reader replacement3) FeedDemon : Why just web based readers. Try a desktop reader as google reader alternative. Benefits of desktop reader are you can store feeds locally when internet is available and read them later. Software developer can implement advance feature like searching feed in various ways like looking for a specific keyword in all your feeds.
    • If you are advance user then feeddemon is a must for you.
    • Nice clean layout with advance features not available in any other feed reader.
    • Make your own tags and find future article based on your own tag.
    • Keyword analysis : FeedDemon will tell you when your assigned keyword will appear in new articles.
    • Automatically download podcasts and articles so that you can read them offline.