No doubt android devices are simplifying our lives. For fun lovers who has ample time to kill, Android device is like god. This cute small but smart robot (Android)  is awesome in many respects. Days are gone when you have to find softwares, patches to play videos on your phone. If you had used a Symbian device earlier then you must be aware of how difficult was that to run videos on it. But If you own an android tablet or mobile then those frustrating days are gone for you.


As far as android devices are concerned there are no Prerequisites. Its built-in player is awesome to play almost all video formats. Its core media format is very rich and supports almost all popular audio-video formats. Complete list of core media formats on any android mobile or tablet is here.

In spite of using the built-in video player if you like to use third party (although there is no need) then one good choice is Mobo Player: I have been using this player since I own a Galaxy S. I haven’t faced any issue so far. So, if you like to install a third party video player then go for it. You won’t be disappointed.

Watching Video Online

I love this part because I watch a lot of educational and howto videos online. If your android device supports google market then you must have got youtube application pre-installed. I must say this app is beautifully designed and maintained. You can choose the quality of video you like to watch. Just rotate your mobile or tablet and the video will switch to full screen mode. Awesome search feature. Go to settings and choose the category of videos, its as easy.

What about Flash Videos Support

Although android manages to play flash videos too and this feature comes pre-installed on some devices but if you device is not playing flash videos ( like playing videos which is embedded on a webpage on a browser ) then I must say you need to install flash player for android..

##Adobe has said that they will no longer update flash player (app) for android in future and before installing it make sure you have original and certified device. There are some reports that installing flash player on un-certified device may lead to unexpected behaviour of device.