Sometimes it gets annoying when you are in office and you have got a message or a phone call but your boss is there and you can’t take your mobile out. There can be many more situations like this. Don’t worry technical people are working day night to solve all your technical problems.

How to Receive Android Notifications on Laptop or Desktop

Android apps are doing magic in our lives. Again some crazy people have come up with a solution to this genuine problem. The app is called Desk Notifier. As its name says, it notifies everything what is happening on your android mobile like SMS, Missed Call or any other Alert.

Do I Need to Install Something on my PC or Laptop ?

Yes, Technically its necessary and that is why you have to do it, otherwise things won’t work. Here is the desktop app link.

After installing this little software you can choose whether you like to connect your phone via wifi or USB. Although if you need mobility then why would you need to connect it via USB. But, there is a basic use connecting via USB. Wifi consumes battery and connecting via USB your battery won’t get used although it gets charged up via USB power.

When you need mobility then use wifi, otherwise connect it via USB.

What DeskNotifier can do ? : Features

You must have noticed that whenever something happens on your mobile a notification pops up at the top area of screen. DeskNotifier shows those notifications, which includes:

– Calls
– Text Messages ( Support for answer instantly from your Laptop!)
– Facebook Notifications on Laptop.
– Third party app’s notifications also gets displayed.

I think you got my point. Every notification will be displayed on your Laptop or desktop ( whatever you are using ).

So, Whenever your boss or wife 😉 is around, you can still use your android mobile on laptop without anyone knowing about it.