We all know the fact, that addiction of anything is bad. Its bad for everything. No matter what you are addicted to. If you are over doing something then its true, that you are addicted. Life is very short and we are making it shorter by indulging ourselves into unnecessary acts. Can we help ourselves?

Why Addiction of Over Using Mobiles Phones is Bad

There is a very straightforward answer to this difficult question.

Its less productive and bad for health

Health is very precious factor in our life. If we are not fit then we are not liable to do anything. We have to depend on others for everything. We can’t got office, can’t learn, can’t earn. If our health is bad then this word (Can’t) becomes the part of our life and turn us into a crawling creature.

As far as mobiles phones are concerned, iPhones and Android devices are part of our life and we are bound to do anything on it. Talking to friends, texting, camera, todo list, books or anything else, we are doing everything on it. Internet on mobile devices has made it more aggressive. We are spending hours on such devices which is leading us towards cancer (because of radiation), eye diseases (because of screen light), making us impotent (by keeping mobile in jeans or pant pocket), anxiety ( if we loose our mobile somewhere or expecting a call during night).

Its true that these devices are simplifying our lives but its also true that these devices are making our valuable life short.

How To Save Yourself From Mobile Addiction

If you are addicted and like to get rid of this very bad habbit then its not difficult. The only difficult thing is your will power. If you are willing and accepting that you are addicted to mobile devices then only you can win over this addiction. If still you are thinking that I love devices more than my health then there are no ways by which you can over power this bad habit.

Tip 1: Set a motivating wallpaper on your mobile screen like these.

Tip 2: If you are using a smart phone then there are some apps available which tracks you time and alert you if you will over send time on mobile. Although there is no full fledge app available so far. If you know some them kindly comment. This will help others a lot.

Tip3: Change you habits. Habits like keeping your mobile every time with you, always check mobile for message of alert, Watching videos on mobile. Such bad habits are the real cause of addiction. They are not making you smart but on the contrary part they are affecting your mental growth .If you tune your lifestyle a bit, you time will make you more productive and successful. Being in touch with others is one thing and becoming a slave of a device is other, understand that.