increase-android-battery-life-performanceAndroid Phones are not just phones they are really smart devices which runs lot of background processes and these processes consumes lot of battery. This consumes lot of battery power. To maintain a smart phone which has smart OS like android, a user has to be smart enough otherwise you will also repeat the same line. “Android phones consumes lot of battery” . Which is not at all true.

It’s because of your negligence android devices consumes lot of battery. That is why I am writing this post for my users.

Tip 1: Make a habbit to clear cache:

What is cache? When you use softwares or play games on your phone then they generate some files to proceed your further. If you are using internet then again that saves some files on your phone without your permission. These are called cache files and you need to clear them. Although you can clear it the usual way. go to settings > applications and then check every application whether it has cache or not.

But the better way to cleat cache is with an app. Go to android market and check for and cache cleaner app. I am using app called cache clean. Download it and it will check all the installed apps automatically and intimate you about the cached files. you can clear them easily.

Tip 2: Uninstall unwanted app:

We all have a bad habbit to install apps without thinking that every hardware has a limit to process. Although android phones are well optimized in maintaining softwares but still you need to take care of this area too. Check for unwanted apps and uninstall them. This will release some background processes too and you will feel improvement in processing speed.

Tip 3: Clean memory card:

This step will not improve the performance of your phone but its a good habit to clean unused files. This will release some memory to store more files. Often uninstalling a software leaves some unused folders and files which are of no use.

Tip 4: Adjusting brightness will increase battery life

If you play lot of games or use phone for longer time for chatting or browsing type of things then adjusting brightness will definitely increase battery life.