Android softwaresAndroid lover knows that android devices are great and when it comes to installing apps on Android mobiles then that becomes awesome because of a little secret.

To install apps on our mobile devices we usually go to market, search app and then we install that. But if we are working on a PC then installing apps like the traditional way (Pick up your mobile go to market, search app, read reviews, install, give permissions etc.) becomes a pain.

But we have a nice solution for you. This little secret may be known to most of the advance android users but if you are a new user like i was few months ago then this will really surprise you.


Android mobile with internet (Wifi or 3G )

A Google account. (Same account you are using on your android device).

Ready for surprise 😀 !! Here we go.

Step 1: Switch ON your PC. (heheh. I know you are on a PC or a laptop right now).

Step 2: Go to -> Android market and make sure you are logged in with your google or gmail account.

Step 3: Search any app you like to install on your device. (There can be many ways to do this. I like to search the app on different sites who actually publish a detailed review and give market link for example this site -> Android Apps Review).

Step 4: You will see a install button to install the app. Click that.install android app with pc

Step 5: Confirm it by clicking INSTALL again.

Step 6: You will see this line “This app will be downloaded to your device shortly.”

If your device is connected to the internet then app will be installed within few seconds but if your device is offline then whenever it will come online again app will be installed automatically. Is it not nice!!

I always like to install apps like this. Searching apps on small screen is really tiring and google has done a great job by giving us this option, why not use that.

Now you know the little Android Apps Installation secret too 🙂