We all use mobile a lot but sometimes this device becomes very irritating when some companies or a person send junk SMS. Sometimes I feels like killing them. But there is no escape from this situation because there is no govt policy to block these junk messages and that is why i am coming up with this article where i will tell you a sure – shot way to block these junk messages.

I have tried it on my mobile and  can assure you that you can do it very easily too.

The trick is block these messages at your end because your service provider (like Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Tata Indicom, Reliance etc.) can’t block these messages although they can do it.

So slap such spammers with this software called SMS blocker.

The features include:
• Unique anti spam logic- inbuilt intelligence to detect and block cunning spam SMS, automatically.
• ‘One-Click-Block’ to block in single click from home Screen.
• Fully customizable. Modify your blocking/allowing preferences as you want.
• Blocked SMS logs deleted automatically by the app itself, once that reach the limit of 100.
• Seamless Integration with phonebook, SMS inbox.
• Selective SMS block based on content, bulk spam SMS, sender’s title or a specific number.
• Detailed log of all blocked SMS.
• Blocked SMS storage to review & restore at your convenience.
• Insanely easy to set up and use.

Currently this software is FREE for andriod mobiles only.
For Nokia you need to buy it. Go to OVI store on your mobile search SMS Blocker and download it for Rs. 125/=

My Review:

I have used it and i am feeling very relaxed after installing it.

No more Junk messages on my device. I have got some junk messages which were sent from a mobile number and not by a company, I can easily add that number in block list.

If you are feeling irritated with such junk messages then i advise you to install this little smart piece of software.