Free Alternative of SMS for Smart Phones

Addicted of sending short messages to friends. Sending messages specially STD or STD is very costly. If I tell you that, sending messages on mobile is becoming free then you might call me mad but we are smart, we can find free alternative of sms.. Why would mobile companies allow us to send SMS for free?

Well, they are not allowing us to send free sms but we are allowing ourselves to do it.

These are the best free alternative of SMS

WhatsApp: Just install this free app and enjoy sending free messages and videos to anyone using whatsapp on their phone. If you are addicted to send sms or like to impress your girlfriend that you know ways to send free sms then use this lovely app. Very nice interface and quite easy to use.

KakaoTalk (Best free alternative of sms among all these): This is again like WhatsApp type of app but with more flexibility and usage. Whats app is not free for iPhone but KakaoTalk is free for every platform. Send text messages, video, photos. The best part with WhatsApp and KakaoTalk is that they support wifi too. That means if you are connected to a wifi then send unlimited messages without paying even for data charges.

NimBuzz (not Numbuzz): This is again a good messenger for all your need. But its not like sms. Nimbuzz allows you to connect with many messenger services like gtalk, windows live, yahoo and now facebook chat too.

Among all these my personal choice is KakaoTalk. It scans your mobile numbers and tells you who all are using KakaoTalk and add them in your list so that you can contact them easily. KakaoTalk allows you to send message to a contact and whenever that person will connect his mobile to internet via packet data or wifi the message gets delivered. Thats really smart. These are my best choices of free alternative of sms. I send lot of sms to my friends i use one of them almost daily. Now it’s your time to try these free alternative of sms on your smartphone.

Benefits of these free alternative of sms:

Why sending costly sms when you can send them for Free.

Unlimited messages to send. No limit for the day or month.

Not just send text messages but also pics and short videos.

Enjoy these free alternative of sms and send unlimited messages without worrying about your mobile bill.