Connect Mobile to PC and Call

Yesterday I was thinking to connect my Nokia E75 phone to my laptop via Bluetooth so that I can receive and make calls from my Laptop (by using laptop speaker and mic) and guess what… I succeeded!

It’s useful when you have to keep your phone on silent but don’t want to miss any calls… you will be able to see who is calling you on your laptop, without anybody else noticing it.

Remember, in this mode whenever someone calls, the phone neither rings nor vibrates, only shows the display on laptop.

What do you need?

1)      A laptop with Bluetooth feature (I used Lenovo and Broadcom Bluetooth)

2)      A smart phone (I used Nokia E75).

3)      Nokia PC suite (for address book and to see who is calling).

The process to be followed is like this:

1)                  First we pair the phone with PC/ laptop.

2)                  Enable Bluetooth services (We need Headset Audio gateway)

3)                  Connect the phone with this Bluetooth service.

4)                  PC suite will be used to fetch the phone book and to see the call status on laptop as our Bluetooth won’t show who is calling but PC suite will.

Here are the Screenshots with Description

1) Pair phone with PC/ laptop:

Pairing PC and Phone
2) Enable Headset Audio (Bluetooth) setting:

enable bluetooth service

3) (i) Add a Bluetooth device (your smart phone):

add bluetooth device to PC

Click Next and then Finish.

(ii) And now, connect the service with the Phone:

(Connect Mobile | Cell Phone to PC via Audio Gateway Service)

connect phone to bluetooth

When your phone gets connected with this service the sign will become green.

Nokia connected Audio gateway PC

So far we have been able to connect our phone to the PC/ Laptop.

(To check– Play any song on your phone and you will be able to listen to it on PC/Laptop speakers)

4) Use PC suite to receive / make a phone call via your PC/Laptop:

Call Via nokia PC suite

Now just call and discover the new way of talking without even touching your phone!

receive incoming call on PC

Now your Phone is connected to your Laptop / PC.

Use Laptop mic and speaker for make and receive phone calls.

Connect Mobile to PC and Call.