How to impress a guy | man

Dreaming to catch attention of your favorite guy?? Read on…girl impresses guy

Stop waiting for that one-fine-morning when the guy would propose to you … step out of the shy-girl closet and look around.  With an overwhelming range of ways to approach your man, finding love is no longer a problematic task!

Guys get attracted to gurls in a step wise process… Yes, absolutely!

Men start assessing a woman with her looks. Therefore, it becomes important to look attractive to start the process of interest-building. Men are prone to discuss the women they like with their friends and often bet on who can get a better girl. To make yourself the most desirable of all, you just need to have an uncomplicated style and sophisticated air about you. Dress well, do not wear too much make-up and avoid being messy. These things would surely impress a guy. Attraction happens quickly for girls who do not wear specs is a myth. Choose your specs with care- do not imitate what others are wearing, go for what suits you best. Remember, guys are more interested in the eyes of their girls.

Men look for that charming appearance and chirpiness in a girl which is distinct as well as natural. They would like to see something extremely extraordinary about their girl either in looks or in personality which makes her different from the rest. What you need to do is to just highlight your talent in an effortless way. Guys like girls who are at ease with themselves and are confident. In most cases, men look for some similarities in the attitude towards life and some kind of sharing of interests in the girl of their choice. So, it becomes very important to know the kind of person your guy is. This can be done with your own experience or by listening to others- but keep in mind that you must not believe each and everything. It is recommended that you make your own impression through talking and spending time together.

Even if you are not that interested in sports or theatre or music and instead, a rather studious person, do not worry. Your attitude should speak for you- look straight into the eyes while talking and wear a nice smile. Just keep in mind that your intelligence should not be like that of a book-addict. Rather, it should be made apparent through sweetness and in small doses. Do not overwhelm your guy by a display of what you know- he might reject you as over-intellectual and not-his-type.

To impress a guy with talking involves a balance of intelligence and light-heartedness.

Crack jokes, be witty and do not take offence at the slightest of provocations. Be a little patient with men, they require a lot more time to adjust. Your body- language must be like that of a friend and not the-most-restricted-and-careful at all times. The most important thing to remember is not to bore him with the talk of your family. Guys hate to hear about the details of your dad’s profession or your mom’s friends! Rather, tell him about your individual

interests or your recent holiday to make him aware of aspects of your personality while you are with him.

Avoid being too formal- invite the guy for a coffee or offer to walk with him if he is going somewhere for a small errand. It is a nice thing to introduce your friends to him and befriend his. This would only enable greater interaction and sharing of a more common space which would lead you to reach a level of comfort while trying to impress the man with words when you are alone.

This would also be helpful for you to know the extent to which he is attracted towards you.

The Bottomline: Simplicity is the key to reach a man’s heart!