How to impress a girl by talking / words?
impress a girl by talking
Looking for tricks to woo the woman of your choice?? Read on…

Forget the easier- said- than- done days and approach the woman with full confidence and positive attitude. Women love to be with men who can look straight into their eyes and talk without hesitating. Wear a smile whenever you are near her and if the woman smiles backs at you it’s a positive sign. But watch out… if she smiles too much chances are she might be taking you to be a fool. A sense of humor is a must but silly jokes can be a total put off!

The most important thing to keep in mind while you impress a girl by talking is to talk sensibly and confidently.

An intelligent approach is to befriend the group of friends she has- this helps you to know what her likes and dislikes are. Do not follow her to the extent of irritating her- don’t ignore her either. Familiarize yourself with the activities she participates in and if you’re ignorant about the details- googling would definitely help!  Keep yourself updated to avoid feeling stupid. Keep yourself calm, it might take time.

Women are clever- they can tell when you are pretending. Watch your body language at all times but do not overdo- neither in dressing up nor in talking. Dress well- choose your color combinations wisely. She should not take you as outdated in fashion sense. And most importantly- never put her off with body odor! It’s hazardous!!

Talk but Don’t ask too Much

Do not ask too much! While trying to impress a girl with words you must not ignore her interests- take care of them as well. Prefer listening to her especially when there is nobody else around.  Women generally have lots to say without your asking it! Don’t lie about anything she asks you, even if it’s about your ex- girlfriend. It’d be disastrous if she finds it out from somebody else. Treat her as your greatest friend and confidant… share even the most private details about yourself with her. This is the moment to confirm if she is interested in you. Watch out for the signals she sends- you would know your effort to woo her is proving fruitful if she shows interest in even the most trivial of your talks and asks you details about the same.

Complimenting your woman definitely helps! You must be aware of her tastes and avoid imposing your own on her. Even if you dislike something that she’s wearing hold your breath- don’t just say it straight in her face. Rather tell her that she looks great every time but whenever you think about her you see her in your favorite dress (and mention the dress too). When you see her wearing it the next time- smile. And if it’s soon… it’s a positive sign my friend!

The bottom line: Stop looking for methods. Watch your instincts instead!

Author : Priyanka S Rana