WordPress is a clean platform where you can do all sort of wonderful things and one of them is including a slider into your wordpress post or page. Today I’ll show you how to place a custom slider into a wordpress post or page. But before that let me clear you few facts.

According to a survey more people are switching to mobile devices to surf internet. Although big number is still with desktop and laptops but it’s decreasing. Future is not just for desktops or laptops but for mobiles, tablets, palmtops with different resolutions.

Your site design must be responsive. With responsive, I mean that it should change according to different resolutions and devices. If you are not using a responsive theme them it’s the right time to get one from ThemeJunkie.

Custom Slider into wordpress blog post page theme

What’s the Best WordPress Slider Plugin (Qualities)

  • It must be Responsive. (packed with jQuery and CSS)
  • It must be flexible in design, so that we can insert link to slide image.
  • It should not affect your existing site design and should maintain it’s own container.
  • It should allow you to control slide orders.

I think we are expecting a lot from a simple plugin and lot of premium plugins are available for doing the same purpose. I always believe that best is always free. There are lot of awesome wordpress plugin developers who bring awesomeness to wordpress platform and this time they have done beautiful work with Responsive Slider.

What’s good in Responsive Sider

If you own a responsive wordpress theme and its missing a slider then this is an awesome addition. It will add some more life to your theme.

Responsive Slider allows you to create linked slides (to any URL – images / title). It’s jQuery code then convert them to a slideshow which can be placed anywhere in your Theme / Page / Post.

The best thing I like about it is it’s simplicity. It just needs the needful from you and rest is automated. It’s container and the big mess of CSS is adjusted by plugin itself.

What Kind of Sites / Blogs Should have Sliders

I have worked for many companies and have contributed not just into their coding part but also into their design part. What I felt is that besides few business websites almost all sites/blogs can have a slider. It not just beautifies your site but if used elegantly it can increase productivity.

What to Put into Slider?

There is a general tendency that we try to include our latest post into the slider. This is not what slider meant for.

You should use it to display best part of your site or if you have something special to offer. For example:

Latest Discounts

New Products

Offers or Promotions


Ongoing Contest

Upcoming Events

Something that interest your user


Always link your slides to a page or post. Because whenever something interests user, they try to click it to know more about it. That’s the real power (use) of a slider.

What Not to Include in a Slider

It’s a fact that lot of webmasters are not utilizing the power of slider to increase productivity or user engagement. They often use slider just for the sake that it must be used. Such sites finally end up with a bad design or less productive.

Don’t include these into slider:

Latest Blog Post

Images that won’t lead user anywhere. (Hyperlink your slides)

Uninteresting or unrelated slide

Outdated stuff, offers (Very harmful for site’s credibility)


Custom Slider is a powerful utility for webmaster and if used properly then it can increase productivity and user engagement. If you on wordpress for your business site then always use a responsive and professional theme because world is changing and only responsive theme is the option so far. In this article I have discussed slider which is again responsive and works best with a responsive theme. I always recommend ThemeJunkie because of their beautiful and professional designs.

Almost every type of websites can have a slider but it’s more important to have it at the right place with right slides.