We often struggle reading long articles (psychological effect). Sometimes we don’t read an awesome article just because its long. Come ‘on grow up, you are not a kid any more  You can read long articles too. We often say such things to us but still we feel struggling while reading on screens such as laptop, tablet or mobile. To become a better blogger or a better writer, you must know how to read long articles faster than a usual reader. Read a lot and get best out of those readings. Today, I am going to tell you something on this rarely discussed topic. Sit back and learn something that will help you through out your reading life.


Why do we need to read long articles?

I know it’s a kind of stupid question but let me tell you few things about long articles.

1) Often you will find that authority and quality sites publish long articles. They are long because they contains thorough and researched information and that deserves few extra lines.

2) Long articles are written by experts (most of the times). When a writer writes something, he is actually trying to make a point and to explain that point he include his/her experience. Yes, these kind of articles are gold mines for a reader because experiences of great minds works like a catalyst in our mental growth.

3) Reading long articles initiates a thought process which forces us to think like that. It’s an awesome thing for the brain to learn and understand new stuff.

4) Tell me one thing, can a short articles or posts explain something good or useful which you can digest and learn easily. Most of the times NO. Because to learn something useful, brain needs little extra time. Brain needs useful content which can be judged based on previous knowledge.

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How to Read Long Articles or Write-ups – Only Tip


Don’t let eyes to see that you are reading something that will take long time to finish it and to maintain interest keep bringing fresh content but not as a burden.

Now, how can we do that?

Its pretty simple while you are reading on a laptop or tablet (I mean on a screen). Decrease the width of your page. Have a look at the screenshot below. I have resized my browser to this much size. its more like reading something on a 7 inch tablet or a 5 inch mobile.

How to Read Long Articles


How Decrease Width of Page/ Text does The Trick

You must be wondering how this little change in reading style can change our behaviour  Well, there is nothing to be wondered. This little technique does three things very well:

1) It hides the full text and shows only that much which takes little time to read.

2) When you scroll down, your mind is ready to grasp the new but related content slowly but effectively.

3) Have you noticed how articles are written in a newspaper. They are written in multiple columns so that you can read fast and better. Yes, the same technique we are implementing here. Our eyes can scan small width text very fast.



Final words: Our eyes scan text more than reading exact words. This little change will improve your reading skills and let you read long articles very easily, fast and effectively. Try it once, and you will enjoy it like I do.