You do all the arrangements to gather people around, you play guitar, sing a song, dance for them and they don’t bother to disappear once the show is over. Without even noticing your hard-work and efforts. Frustrating right. Welcome to the world of websites and internet marketing.

Call to Action Button Examples for Blog You Will Click For Sure

You have everything nice on your website. A nice detailed guide about parenting or you wrote down all your knowledge about how to love and care for your dog. People come to your website, read, enjoy, eat your expensive bandwidth and don’t bother buying it. They disappear and hop to other website. Hey, don’t blame them, you do that too, don’t you?

You had everything right, what went wrong then?

May be you are lacking some internet marketing skills and one of those is Call to Action Button. Such call to action buttons are part of internet marketing strategy which attract eye balls of your kind visitors and try to impress them by showing some awesome gymnastics. Many of us love watching such attractive girl/guys doing some nice moves to earn your attention and all of a sudden you clap. Sometimes you clap hard. That’s Call to Action.

You can get any nice plugin to create Call to Action Buttons but to create something that works requires some basic understanding.

Please tell me more with Examples:

As you please. I talk a lot BTW. Making long story short here are some industry best practice examples of Call to Action Buttons which you can implement on your awesome blog to earn more and to be more productive.

Effective and Elegant Call to Action Designs

1) Simple But Attractive.

Mesmerizing Font and to the point information attracts everyone. Be simple and try to connect with the mindset of your visitor. If you have a wild life website / blog then you Call-to-Action Design should be something like this.

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Here the key is to target your audience. Talk to their mind and need. Don’t try to make everything plain old school. Such days are over now. A nice font can turn the whole game.

2) Ask with a Beautiful Smile

Who can teach better than Google itself. This example is from Adsense. They play a really nice short video to attract the attention of their customer. Once he feels comfortable, chances to take action increases.

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Lesson to Learn: If you sell a non-attractive product (don’t feel offended, it happens) then a beautiful smile can generate the lead for you.

3) Tell them Something Interesting

Make it a real call to action content. Tell you audience about what they are going to get if they take action. Allure them, but hey no false promise. That break hearts and more importantly trust.

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4) Free Attracts But Not Always

Call for Action works nice for free content. Remember nothing in this world is free. It’s just a perception building strategy. Remember even free offers require some nice words. Don’t bother bragging (yes, too much is harmful). Have a look at this example from codecademy.

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5) A Simple “Just Launched” looks awesome

Exclusive item makes it’s own impression and statement. Shopping sites understand the power of being exclusive. That makes them attract the customers to their platform because that product is no where available.

Declaring something exclusive (or just launched) increases curiosity and that translates into subscriptions or buying.

Image Credit: Amazon

Don’t just go away, Listen to me!

For whatever reason you are planning to implement Call to Action Button on your website make sure you meet these basic guidelines. Ultimately you have to play with the mind of your visitor about how to impress them within few seconds.

Impression makes all the difference. Even a nice product requires pat on the back. For more such nice information which will help you to stand out among millions of others SUBSCRIBE us. We drop one or two letters monthly.