Google maps is being used by everyone but all previous versions of google maps for iphone and ipads were not that awesome until version 2.0 . Yes google has released Google Maps 2.0 with lot of awesome features. And guess what it has the longest awaited feature for iphone/ipad. Save Google Maps offline just like we used to download it on Android. Download the updated google maps app from itunes.

save  google maps offline on iphone ipad

Android users were getting benefit of downloading google maps on their android devices. But with the release of  2.0 now ipad/iphone users can download the maps of their area and use it for navigation even without any kind of data connection. All iphones/ipads has GPS hardware, you can use that with this offline map.

What’s the Benefit?

  • Download maps of any area and save it in your ipad/iphone.
  • Use these downloaded maps any time, whether you have data connection of not.
  • Use integreated GPS to get the directions.
  • Even if you have no mobile connectivity (for ex. if you are in jungle, where no mobile connection is available) you can use this awesome feature to get direction on already downloaded maps.

How to Download Google Maps (Little Hard but You can Do It)

This one is little tricky so pay a little attention. Once you get to know how to do it, it will become very easy for you.

Search the place you like to cache (download). Don’t select too much area (I’ll explain why not). Zoom to get the best fit for specific area.
Now Tap the search box and type “ok maps” (without quotes) and hit the search button.
This will download the selected area into your phone/pad.

Why can’t I download wide area

Google assumes that it’s not a good idea to fill up the phone’s cache. With lot of cache your device will start functioning slow. And they presume that you often travel short distances daily.

Still Need More Maps Data?

If you think that these default settings done by google are not for you then you can do one thing. Download maps in may chunks, that way you will cover wide area.