Are you a doctor or studying to become a doctor then its necessary to know what inside a human body. Well yes medical college arranges dead bodies but what if you can explore body organs on a computer and in full 3D.

There are many expensive softwares out there in market to explore a body in 3D but what if you get a chance to access 3D  body for free.

What is the need to access Human body in 3D?

If you are a student in school who is studying biology or a student who is planning to become a doctor then these 3D interactive human body can be very helpful for you.

Many times we got curious to explore or body but never got a change to see whats inside. Don’t worry, technology is getting more and more advanced and that’s why we are getting such great tools to explore the body in full 3D mode.

Where Can I Explore a Human Body?

If you have never visited Zygote Body earlier then its the time to check it out. Its an american company working in this field and providing 3D body exploration service for free.

Visit : Zygote Body

Zygote Body allows you to see inside the body. There are many filters available. For ex. If you like to explore bones then apply the concerned filters from the left side bar.  Zoom In, Zoom Out, Rotation are available to explore in-depth about the body. I tried watching human heart and I was amazed to see the rich 3D model of it.

If you are not happy with zygote body model then there is one more website called Anatronica. This provides similar service but requires to install a small patch to enable the service. Although complete version is not free but the free version is worth trying. Vital control on how to rotate body, zoom in and zoom out functions are awesome.