Want to find out the Best way to lose weight fast | quickly ?? Read on…

Want to lose weight but can’t? Monitor what and how much you eat in a day and half the battle is won! The other half would be won once you start exercising 🙂  You need to follow these two simultaneously and you’ll get in shape sooner than you can imagine.

Actually, when you find yourself searching for a quick and the best way to lose weight hang on for a second and try to recollect when exactly that extra weight bothered you for the first time. Also, try to remember when was the last time you were complimented for being in shape. This small thinking on your part will do the most important thing– it will motivate you! Weight loss is more of a mental process rather than physical and once you decide upon it you are surely going to achieve it.

We have something very useful and at the same time very easily achievable for you in this article.

Drink lots of water:

Water is very essential for our body. Everybody knows that but we enjoy breaking the rules 🙂 Your body should always be hydrated. Drink water at regular intervals and avoid substituting it with juice or aerated drinks.

Adequate water helps in the process of digestion and flushes out the toxins from the body. Along with reducing the fat from your body, it also helps making your skin look supple and keeps it glowing. So you can sit back and relax, even the excess of it is not going to harm you.

It is highly advisable to drink water before meals. This is the best way to reduce weight as it would fill up your belly and you would eat lesser. Avoid drinking water  just after your meal as it tends to bloat up your stomach and you might feel uncomfortable. Wait for atleast 20-25 minutes if you want to have cold water. However, it is advisable to drink warm water immediately after eating– this will help your body to dissolve excessive fat quickly.

Eat healthy throughout the day:

Don’t go for  large meals at long intervals rather, stick to having smaller portions spread throughout the day. Rather than having 3 large meals switch to 5 small ones. You can bifurcate these 5 meals in 3 regular meals and 2 small, sweet size meals.

Stop yourself from consuming huge amounts of carbohydrates if you are not planning to sweat it out physically. Add a proportionate quantity of proteins and fiber-rich food to your meal to make your digestive system work better. Replace high calorie foods with fresh fruits and salads; aerated beverages with fresh fruit juices; and packaged food with home-made food to cut down on your calorie intake. Instead of munching on junk food or ready-to-eat snacks whenever you feel hungry, try to lay your hands on curd, milk shake, biscuits or a fat-free light snack.

Don’t skip your breakfast. Breakfast is very important after you’ve had a long break of not eating anything for at least 7 hours. your calorie intake must decrease as your day comes to a close which means you must have a heavy breakfast (heavy should not mean unhealthy), regular lunch and a light dinner supplemented by light snacks in between the meals. This holds good for a normal day but you must plan accordingly if your work schedule demands otherwise.

Always look for less cholesterol in whatever you eat.


I know what you are thinking !! It’s not that aweful, believe me.

Working out is a major factor which helps in reducing extra flab. It is not advisable though to start exercising the moment you wake up. Choose a time which suits you best. Hitting the gym is preferable as it gives you an option to  get the supervision of a trainer but it’s not impossible to lose weight otherwise also. You may initiate the process at your home too by simply warming up for it by a brisk walk or cycling and following it up with yoga or exercise. Swimming is a nice alternative too. Don’t shy away from indulging in outdoor sports. Do not go for 1 hour initially… Start with 20 mins and increase the time slowly.

Eating right is very important here as well. It won’t help if you do not feel fresh after working out. The feeling of being exhausted and famished would drag you away from your work-out. You must consult your trainer what should be eaten before and after your exercise session depending upon the kind of activity you are doing.

Exercising will boost your muscle density and reduce fat. You will start feeling better and certainly will enjoy doing exercise once you notice the results. Make it a habit to reach that stunning shape you are dreaming of.

Tension increases Fat:

Some researches have proved that stress is a major factor in increasing harmful fat in our body. It reduces mental as well as physical strength. It affects your concentration power and  increases the chances of a heart stroke too.

Tension won’t give you anything except more tension. Make a habit of making quick decisions to reduce the level of stress in your lives.

You can’t lose weight by watching the television or by reading quick tricks to lose weight on the internet. You will have to do a little effort. After all it’s your body and you want it to be in a better shape, right?!!

There are many other ways to lose fat but the  journey starts by achieving these basic landmarks.