Technology is advancing our life by many fold. Internet is must for all of us. Its a must have tool for students. But there are certain things that needed to be understood by us.

Internet is a open space where anyone can do anything. So far there is no authority who can restrict your kid by watching or doing something not of their age. Teens or kids are not that mature who can differentiate between good or bad.

Its your responsibility to take care of your child while he/she is online. Whether they are doing something meaning full or just using facebook, twitter. I am not saying that you should sit side by your child and monitor what they are doing. That is a bad idea and that is why this guide is useful for you.

What parents should learn in this technology era?

Our lives are changing very quickly and there is a very sharp need to update ourselves.

We do all sort of sacrifices for our kids then why not sacrifice little of our time in learning how technology works and how we can save your kid from bad things.

Track monitor kid online internet

What this guide is all about?

This guide is for all the parents who knows a little bit of computer.

This guide will educate you how internet is structured and how you can track or rather monitor your kid.

This guide will tell you ways by which you can restrict all those websites which are bad for your little one.

Also you can ask questions and they will be replied soon.


For steps I am assuming you are using windows 7 but these steps will be good for other operating system if you know what am I doing.

Don’t give your kid full access to the computer

Create a separate account without administrative access for your kid.

STEPS: (Use admin (full rights) account for these steps)

1) Go to “Start >> Control panel >> User Accounts ”

2) Click “Manage another account” and click “Create a new account”

3) This will ask for account name. You can give your child name there and make sure the account type is Standard User.

4) Click create account. That’s it.

Tell your child that while starting computer they are supposed to use this account only.

Monitor what kind of websites your kid is opening?

When we open a website then browser stores that address and prepares an index. We can check that index to know which website your kid has opened. This is very easy.

STEPS: (Login to the account you have created for your kid).

You need to check browser’s history. Now a days we use various browsers so we have to check all of them.

For Internet Explorer: Press “Ctrl + H”. This will open the history index. You can check all the sites which your child has opened.

For Chrome Browser: Press “Ctrl + H”. You will get to see all the opened up sites there too.

I guess Ctrl+H works for other famous browsers too.

Kids are smart they can clear this history. In the next post I will explain how can you play smart in that case.