Internet is a mysterious place where anything can disappear anytime. What if you are writing an essay and gosh!! wikipedia in not opening or showing something else like Database or misconfiguration error.  Accept the fact, internet is all about such hiccups. Now the question is, can we do something in this helpless situation. Yes, We can access the page.

Have You Heard about Google Cache?

Google is becoming the solution for everything. Again we will use google abilities to save everything on internet. Google not just saves site content for their search results but it saves more than that. Google keeps screenshots of websites on regular basis and replaces them with older shots.

Can We Access Google Cache?

Yes, they are free to be accessed. There are 2 ways to access google cache. I will explain both. One is a traditional way and the other one is quickie and very handy. You can choose the one you like.

Traditional way to Access Not Opening Site

Open google and search for your term. If the site is opening you can access its cached version like this. Have a look.

Access not opening website

There is one more way to access such cached pages. But for that you have to install chrome browser. Chrome is property of google so whatever new they do they incorporate that in chrome so that anyone can use the new finding easily without any technical background.

Quickie way to Access Cache with Google Chrome

Install chrome if you haven’t installed it yet. I assure you that this is an awesome browser to use all the features google develop for masses.

Ok, back to the topic. Whenever you encounter a not opening page then write cache: before the URL of the page of the and this will open the cache (a version saved by google in their repository) of that page. Have a look.

google cache shortcut


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