Addicted to Facebook? Can’t live without latest facebook notifications?

I am a google reader user and like to read every blog post including facebook updates there. Checking FB again and again is really hectic. Although you must be using facebook app on your mobile but this new style of accessing notifications come handy when you are working.

Before telling you about the steps, I would love to tell you something awesome about accessing notifications by this way.

Why FB notifications on RSS Reader? is all about telling you new ways to solve particular tasks. This post will explain how to access facebook without anyone noticing that you are using it.

If you are at office and you don’t want that anyone watch you using facebook then its a good idea to use RSS reader.

In my previous post about installing rss reader into google chrome browser. Install this little plugin called feeder and you are good to receive all RSS notifications on chrome.

Now add RSS of your facebook account and you will start receiving notifications without anyone noticing about it. Cool ha!!

Where is Facebook RSS Feed?

Login your facebook account and open this link :

Look for RSS link just below “Your Notifications”. Right Click on RSS and Copy “link address / URL”.

Facebook Notification RSS

This is your notifications rss feed. You can paste this feed in any RSS Feed reader.

How to Access FB Notifications on Chrome

Now you have your FB feed and hope you have installed Feeder plugin into chrome. If you haven’t installed it then please install it.

You will see an orange color RSS icon at top right of chrome. Click it you will see a + sign. Click that and add your FB RSS feed there.

facebook notification on chrome browser rss


What about Google Reader?

Now you have the feed of your notifications which can be added to any RSS reader then why not Google Reader. Just add the feed into your google reader account and you are done.

That’s it. Enjoy the Feed of your facebook notifications and don’t let anyone know in the office / workplace that you are using facebook. 😉

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