Disable Google Instant Search Permanently

I personally feel that google instant (google auto-suggestion) is shouting on us with their predicted results. Sometimes it’s good to have suggestions but most of the times it is quite irritating. Is there any way to disable google instant search permantly? Google is trying to hack our mind and affecting our thought process with google instant. We start with a search term from our mind but often end up with google instant solutions.

How to disable google instant search permantly?

Few months back disabling google instant was quite easy. There was a little gear icon available at the extreme right – top corner. This was the icon used to control our search preferences but today I noticed that it was not there. I thought, google has made it mandatory to use their instant suggestion feature.

But, that’s not true. Still we can disable google instant search permantly by accessing the google preference page.

Here is the hidden link to access google preference page: http://www.google.com/preferences?hl=en

Click the above link -> Google Instant predictions -> [select] Never show instant result

That’s it. Now google search won’t show you instant suggestion. But it will still show the older way of suggestion.

This is a permanent solution as long as you clear your system cookies. Once you clear your cookies things will go back to google instant search. Actually, google is trying to force us to live with google instant search.

you can disable all suggestion from google but this one will not be permanent. Its just for knowledge.

How to disable Google Suggestion and Instant Search?

Access google from this link : http://www.google.com/webhp?complete=0&hl=en

You won’t find any kind of suggestion from google search.

Note: Disabling google suggestion is not permanent and once you close the window and re-open google in other window, suggestions will come back but instant search will not work until you clear your cookies.