Social Sharing Buttons are quite useful in bringing good traffic. This kind of traffic is very useful because of its quite targeted. Targeted I mean, people who really needs to consume the information comes to your site via social medium. There are groups everywhere like twitter, facebook, google plus, pinterest. These kind of groups with similar interests are the gold mines for bloggers or any internet marketer. These targeted audience is always hungry for the best info out there related to their field and interest. Hope you have got an insight why we need to engage our blog with these social sharing plugins. In this post I will try to explain why and how you can get the maximum benefit from social sites and best place to put social sharing buttons on blog post to get nice social engagement.

Best Place to Put Social Sharing Buttons on Blog Post

Need of Various Social Media Buttons?

Internet is getting social now. People spend more time on social networking sites than anything else. There are reports and researches that average person who uses internet spend at-least 1 hour on social site like twitter, facebook. Because social media is all about small group of people who share information and advise each other various occasions converts it into a great marketing tool.

If there is a user who have come from search engine and have liked your post but there is no option by which he/she can share that with someone. You are loosing valuable traffic ( specially targeted traffic ).

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Social Buttons increases Page views.

Yes, social sharing definitely increases page views and earning. It is an awesome way to bring awareness about your product. If people like it, they will share it. If they will share it, their friends or socially connected people will come and check about the product. This is always a win win situation.

Advertising for FREE

We all love free stuffs and if it’s about free traffic to get you more money, is it not awesome. Certainly it is but you have be cautious about where to put these social buttons on your blog post or website.

I will try to brainstorm it for you. If you have different opinion or something to say about it then feel free to speak about it in the comment section.

Best Place to Put Social Sharing Buttons on Blog Post

We can put these social buttons anywhere on the page but most of the times they just don’t work.

People don’t share my posts at all, I wonder what’s wrong? Many times my clients asks about this and when I check their site I find that their social sharing buttons are not at the place where they should be.

Its more like a human tendency issue. I will explain it like this.

  • If you have read a post and you liked it but there is no clue about whether you can share it or not then you don’t share it (Its more like a basic/new user).
  • If you have read a post and you liked it and you know that you can share it but not able to find the sharing buttons easily. Then you just don’t share it.
  • If you have read a post and you liked it and you know you can share it but social sharing buttons are not at the right spot. Then again you don’t share it.

There can be other thousand reason for not sharing. Some are intentional and some are unintentional. I am trying to counter the unintentional reasons and turning to convert that into intentional sharing habit.

After trying various combinations, what worked best for my clients and me is this:

wordpress sidebar social buttonsNever put post sharing buttons on sidebars: Sidebars are more like exploring the current site. Its very unintentional for user to find social sharing buttons there. So avoid putting social buttons to share your post at sidebars. Do you actually think that people will try to find where sharing buttons are?

If you have a signature kind of thing like “contact us” or “about us”. You can put your twitter follow, facebook page link there but not post or page sharing buttons. Hope you got my point. If they like your site and like to have future updates then they often look at the sidebar, but not for post sharing.

Places where you should place these sharing icons are these:

I am specifically talking about post sharing of blogs like wordpress, blogger etc. If you have a business website and like to know more about this then do contact me, I’ll respond accordingly.

social sharing buttons at blog postJust after your post ends: This is the best place as far I have found. People read a post, they do like it and bingo sharing buttons are there. This spot works like a trigger to share. They see the facebook, twitter link and they just press it.

The only catch here is, you post must be that much informative which they like to share. It should’t be like a bogus write-up which no body wants to show to their friends or social connections.

Buttons that moves with the article as you read further: This is a good place too. But you need to take care of certain things while implementing this.

Social sharing buttons at sidebar of wordpressCaution #1: These side buttons should not be visible on your homepage. They are specially designed for posts only. Because homepage sharing stats are on sidebar, so it will be like duplicating the stuff which is not good as far design goes.

Caution #2: While you resize your browser, these buttons shouldn’t come over the article and hide words. This will bother the user and they might close the page just because of bad design.

The advantage of this style is: If at any point user like to share it while continuing their reading, they can do it. Its more like a flexible design.

This was a  about  exploring the best place to put social sharing buttons on blog post or website. If you have anything to say then feel free to comment.