In the series of Free Alternatives, this time we have got 5 best free alternative to photoshop for our readers. We all love giving a fresh look to our photos but not everyone can afford such expensive software like photoshop ($650). If you are professional photographer then its good to have a licensed copy of adobe photoshop. But if you are a normal photographer just like me who like to take snaps not so often then free alternatives to photoshop to give a fresh touch to our photos is very nice.

4 best free alternative to photoshop

I am going to present the best free alternatives to photoshop which anyone can use without worrying about any licencing fee.

4 Best Free Alternative to Photoshop This is my first choice because of many reasons. Its an open source vector graphic editor with many capabilities of coreldraw, adobe illustrator. I always try to follow standards and InkScape is just like me, it follows W3C standards.

It offers a full free software, very nice documentation to learn all basics and almost all how and what, gallery, discussion forum (not very rich but you will find it useful sometimes).

At the time of writing of this post the most stable release of this software was version 0.48.2.

Supported OS: Windows (all flavors including windows 7), Mac, Linux (Ubuntu)

Download InkScape for Free

PhotoPlus Starter Edition: This is a very nice free alternative to photoshop with few very useful features.

  • Straighten photos and crop to common print sizes.
  • Remove unwanted objects from pictures
  • Repair old and damaged photos
  • Paint and blend with artistic brushes and lot more.

PhotoPlus starter edition is absolutely free and if you like the basic feature and ready for more advance features then you can upgrade it anytime. I prefer to use the basic starter edition.

Download Free PhotoPlus Starter Edition

PhotoFiltre : If you are a fan of photoshop artistic tools just like me then this is a must have tool for you. It offers all useful filters like Sharpen, Blur, Noise, Relief, Color, Visual Effect, Frames etc.

A detailed introduction is available with all the useful features explained nicely. It has so many filters to use, that’s why it is named PhotoFiltre.

Download PhotoFiltre Free Edition

Pixia: A Japanese software with all the cool photoshop features. Among all other choices of free alternative to photoshop, I like Pixia because of several different reasons. It is very close to photoshop window. Some of its features are even better than photoshop. However its not very rich of features but very useful as a basic image editing software.

Very small file size. 7MB software and supports  windows 7/ XP/ Vista.

Download Pixia free

4 Best Free Alternative to Photoshop. 

All download links are of free software download links. Try them all and enjoy photoshop like software for free.