Facebook has released its embedding features which is awesome and a bit exciting too. If you are a blogger or internet marketers then facebook embedding can be reverse engineered to get more likes to blog post.

Basic Concept

Actually the concept is relatively simple. We post something on facbook to share socially and to get more likes. It has many aspects. More likes bring more visitors, better branding and most importantly it betters your search engine ranking (google is considering social signals more than backlinks).

So, how can we exploit the newly launched facebook embedding feature to get more likes?

reverse engineering facebook likes

Reverse Engineering to Get More Likes

Normally we publish something on on our site first and then share it on facebook. That way our facebook likers like that peace of content, but that’s a little audience. There can be a better way of doing it. Since facebook embedding is a script so search engine can’t understand it. Good for us.

Now publish your post and share it on facebook (Normal way) and get the embed code of that shared post from facebook and include that within your post in a little interesting way.

You can say something like this:

At the end of your post:

  • Take part and express your views on facebook and paste your facebook embed code.
  • More info related to YOUR_POST_CRUX will be published on FB and paste embed code.


If it’s a celebrity photo then you can say something like:

More pics on facebook hit like to watch more.

Show this Pic to your friends on FB : Hit like Below

You can adopt more ways but the basic concept is getting more likes to your post.

Will it work?

This is the basic question and the answer is yes, it works. But there are some if’s and but’s. The main thing is instead of adding a simple image upload that image on your fb page and include that in your post. Because embedding fb post comes with pre-attached like button, comment, shared link and you are triggering an action in the mind of your users by above discussed tag line – they tend to act.

The more creative you will be, the more benefit you will get. Remember blogging is no more a quick recipe. Bunches of small small waves are responsible to produce a bigger wave. Get your basics right and think creative. Only creativity survives, rest can be copied.