If you own a business and don’t have a website yet then you are loosing valuable clients. Now a days internet is in every-bodies hand. People search everything on internet to get to know about products reviews, company credibility, their reputation, products they make and what other’s are saying about them. They make up their mind before making the deal. So, if you are in production or have small business or own a large firm then getting a website is must. It’s like having someone to show your company’s true face to the world 24/7.

If you still have doubts whether a website can help you or not then contact me. I will guide you with the best of my knowledge and help you clearing all your doubts.

You all have heard about blog. The dilemma arises here whether you should create a website for your small business or a blog.

website or blog which one is better

Small Business Website or Blog? Which one is Better?

In my opinion the answer is a blog and I have enough reasons to support my word.

For newbie let me tell you that there is not much of a difference between a blog and a website. They both serve the same purpose and a blog can be designed as good as any website. Well, of course you need a better designer for that. So, why blogs are better than a website. I will particularly talk about wordpress blog. (Don’t worry if you don’t know what wordpress is? This post is about making your mind and I will not deal any technical terms.)

Why blogs are better than websites

  • Security: Blogs are much secure than other dynamic websites. The reason behind this strong security is that a dedicated team constantly working on it and they release updates for free to make blog secure from new threats.
  • Ease of Use: If you are not technically strong but still like to update your site then blog is best for you. There are plenty of tutorials about every section is available on internet and on youtube. It’s not like calling your web developer again and again to understand how this thing works.
  • Flexible Design: If don’t like the look of your website (so called blog) then you can buy the new look at cheap price. There is huge repository available on internet to choose from. I think it’s lot better than asking for a prototype from your developer.
  • Stable and Fast: Because a dedicated team is working on wordpress blogging platform so don’t worry about the stability of your website.
  • Any look is possible: If you are still in doubt that you can’t get a perfect look of your homepage then you are wrong. I good wordpress designer can give you the desired look.
  • Don’t call your Developer to update the stuff: Rather tell your employee (or yourself) to change the content on your site. It’s not just easy but will save you lot of money for such minor updates.
  • Less development time: It takes far less time to design the blog than a website. According to a survey it takes about  1/3rd to 1/4th of any website development time.

Hope these many reasons are worth trying a blog and not a badly coded website by some untrained or inexperienced web-engineer.

What can I do on a blog and not on a website?

Some of the reasons I have already explained and I think enough to make your mind.

Publish News and New Product Updates: You can publish new product updates more frequently than a website. You just go into the panel and start writing hit publish button and bang!! your product is live on your site.

Google Friendly (Search Engines): Blogging platforms are very search engine friendly that means your site will rank high than others. It’s because they are specially designed to deal with search engine standards.

Uploading Photos: You can have a separate picture gallery for all your products and you can upload them by yourself or any young employee who has little understanding of internet can do that for you.

Interactive Talk: There are comment section on blogs where anyone can write their views about your product. If you approve them they will get published and world can see them. This increases faith in new buyers because they can read about the product from users.

Send Regular Updates to your Clients: If you have got a new product then as soon as you put that on your blog an email will be sent to your existing clients and they can check this new product you have designed.

Final Words
If you have any question then feel free to contact me or comment below. Get a professional designer to design your blog or you will end up with bad experience. You can take services from my team too. We provide professional designs around the globe.