If you like to stream Live TV or some movie on skype then its very simple.

You may ask.

What is the use of it?

There are some sites which allow us to do the same. Like webcam broadcast then why skype?

The answer is :

ITS PRIVATE and no one can ban you from this broadcast.

Its nice when you want to watch a movie with your Girlfriend/Boyfriend or Family remotely.

Show some live event like football, cricket or some beauty contest to someone living abroad.

OK lets know the procedure.

Prerequisites or Softwares you need for this:

1) Skype. ( Go to skype.com and download the latest version.)

2) SplitCam or SuperWebCam.  ( Search google for the latest version.)

3) If you are planning to broadcast some TV channel and you have TV Tuner card installed in your PC then you need FlyDs to change the channel. (Even trial version will work for the needful. The basic feature we need will not expire.)


Install Skype.

Don’t login yet. If you are logged in then logout and exit it from the startup tray.

Install SplitCam or SuperWebCam. (Anyone will work).

After install, Run SplitCam / SuperWebCam. Go to File > Video Source > Video File and select a video file you want to stream or broadcast.

Movie will start playing. Pause it.

Now login to Skype. Go to Tools > Options > Video Settings (Under “Gereral” Tab). Select Webcam to SuperWebCam or SplitCam. Click Save.

Now make a video call to your Friend. And Play the Movie.

I know there is some problem. Video is there but your friend won’t get Audio until you open the Stereo Mix setting.

For Sound Setting:

Double Click on the sound icon under startup. (Near to the Time of your computer).

Go to Options > Properties. Select Audio Input and check Stereo Mix if its unchecked.

When Sound Panel will display Stereo Mix. Make sure the checkbox under it is unchecked. Check means Mute.

Now your Friend will be able to listen the sound also.

Enjoy Movie together on Skype.


For TV broadcast

Install FlyDs too.

Now open SplitCam first. In Video Source select Your Capture Device (TV Tuner).

Open FlyDs. First scan for the channels and then change the channel. The changed channel will reflect in SplitCam.

Your SplitCam is selected as the video source in skype. So everything should work now.

For Audio

Go to Options > Properties. Select Audio Input and check Stereo Mix (or Line In) if its unchecked.

When Sound Panel will display Stereo Mix (or Line In). Make sure the checkbox under it, is unchecked. Check means Mute.

Enjoy Movie or Live TV with your friend or family.

Why Streaming Live TV over Skype

  • A Movie Date : If you have a girlfriend and for some reason you are not able to go our for a movie but you have romantic movie on your Laptop then have a movie date over skype. Watch movie together over skype.
  • Show Live Events to Someone Living Abroad: If you have someone living abroad who is missing some live event happening in your country. Broadcast a Cricket Match, Beauty Contest, Music, Radio over skype is very easy with this method.
  • Broadcast in a Group: Although skype is not free for a group video chat but you can use this technique with google+ hangout too and broadcast some live event within a group. All your friends can watch live event or a movie together with google hangout too. If you are not able to do it with google hangout then do comment I’ll write a detailed guide for that too.