Stop being tracked online

You are being watched. Stop Being Tracked Online.

Don’t look around, I am talking about cookies in your PC or laptop. Website are reading your behavior and search patterns through cookies they set in your PC.

Some big online companies are sealing these search patterns from your PC and using them to show customized advertisements based on these stats. Well, if you love watching ads similar to your search behavior then there is no worries let companies use your stats because they are doing good for you and advertisers too. But if you are worried that these companies are actually stealing your personal data then you really need to worry about this.

Remember how Facebook is selling your personal data like in which city are in right now, do you love travelling, you watch lot of movies etc to advertisers. Wondering, how Facebook get to know whether I love watching movies, Its your status messages. Yes, they are being recorded to personalize the advertisements being showed to you.

Yes, this is really bad. Why would somebody can just keep an eye on you every time you work online. I think its time to shout on them and say “STOP TRACKING ME”. Well, that is not enough, because no one is listening that.

Lets face this very serious issue and try to find some good solution.

Search Engine market is getting bigger and bigger and now these companies are disturbing our lives by tracking our behavior. We all love Google and its great browser Google Chrome. But do you know that Chrome is being used to track your patterns and sending this data back to google so that when next time you search on google they can personalize ads.

Solution: You can stop sending your stats to google by a making this small change in Chrome browser.

Open Chrome (If its not already open) and go to Tools sign  > Options > Under the Hood (at the left) > uncheck “Automatically send usage statistics and crash reports to Google” (by default its checked).

Thats all now chrome will not send your stats to google.

But these arises another problem, If you are logged in to gmail or some other google service like picasa, docs etc. (there are more than 40 google services and now they all have same privacy policy) then still google is watching you and your google search stats are being recorded. This also includes which type of mails you are sending or receiving etc. Its primary job of google now a days to personalize the ads and thats the only way this could be done by stealing your privacy.

Solution: Be logged of or signed out while using google search.

There are other companies yahoo, bing etc who are doing the same business but the giant (Google) is doing this more aggressively.

Some tips to save yourself.

Clear your cookies daily.

Don’t be logged in while searching on search engine.

There are some serious researchers getting ready to stop all this stealing stuff. For more reading go to Do not Track