Open any Software | Program with windows RUN toolHave you ever wondered that how to open any software from windows RUN tool.
I was also thinking the same when i was trying to open gtalk with RUN tool. While working on PC or on my laptop i don’t like to use mouse.
So I gave it a little thought and guess what I came with a solution. Windows path variable settings.

This path settings is available at:
Right click on “My Computer” -> Properties -> Cick on Advance Tab -> Environment Variable.
Under the “System Variables” box there is a variable name “Path” which contains some values.

You guys knows what this means but for those who doesn’t know here is the explanation.
Path variable contains some folder addresses separated with semicolon (;)
These folders contains all the executables files addresses which works with command prompt and RUN.
Some of the examples are “msconfig”, “ping”, “calc”.

I made a folder called “runcuts” (similar to shortcuts :P) in C Drive. You can make this folder with any name you like.

Now go to “My Computer” -> Properties -> Cick on Advance Tab -> Environment Variable
and under the system variables box click on “Path” and then click the EDIT button.

Go to the end of the line and put a semicolon if its not there because we are going to input one more path there and write the path of our “runcut” folder. In my case its C:\runcut

Save the settings.

You are almost done !!!!

Done but nothing is working man…….Ya Ya i know. I mean, all the settings are done you just need to place shourcuts of programs or .exe in our newly created runcut folder.

Go to C:\Program Files\Google\Google Talk\ and copy googletalk.exe

Go to your runcut folder which is in the C Drive (C:\runcut) and paste shortcut of gtalk. Now rename the file with anything. In my case it was gtalk.

Now everything is complete.

Press Window Key+R that will bring the RUN on screen and type gtalk.(Windows key is available on your keyboard with a windows sign. In between Ctrl and Alt buttons on right hand side.)

gtalk at your service 😀 just sign in and enjoy. (This is really quick is it not.)

You can paste any program (.exe) short here and rename that with any name you want and run that with RUN.

They will become your personalized shortcuts in windows.

TROUBLE Shooting:
In case this is not working then do little trouble shooting:
1) Make sure the file you are pasting in the runcut folder should not contain .exe extention (the shourtcut name must be gtalk and not gtalkxxyyxxx.exe)

That was all about Open any Software | Program with windows RUN tool