Typing is a boring and hectic job, specially in present era where millions of technical experts are trying to make our life simple. You must have noticed at www.google.com that search bar is equipped with a speak to text tool. I have tried to access the API of google speak to text tool and have generated this code for you.

What is Google Speak to Text

As HTML 5 is getting mature it is getting more and more useful for us. Google is one from those companies who are making working on HTML 5 standards and making them more useful with their different API’s. This Speak to Text tool is an example of their great products.

Online dictation tool can be useful for: Commenting on blogs, Writing emails, documents or something like that where you need to dirty your fingers to type.

You just speak and this tool will write what you have said. It works like your personal secretary (of course it can’t do other secretry jobs 😉 ). Speak like you speak to someone, I mean complete sentence at a time and not like word by word. Google’s intelligent audio processing will do the conversion for you.


How to Use Google’s Free Dictation Software Online

Here is your personal secretary. Why don’t you give it a try.
Click on Mic and start speaking.

You need 4 things:  Google Chrome Browser A Mic , Quite Room and this Dictation Tool.

When you start speaking don’t stop after every word. Just speak with the flow. Try to speak words clearly and loudly so that software can understand that.

Dictation Software’s and their Limitations

Dictation software can’t give you 100%. These intelligent piece of codes are made up on dumb machines who can’t understand human feelings. If you have cold or your throat is not well to speak clearly then don’t expect much from dictation softwares.

Apart from the these limitations I have found that such tools are quite useful when you need to type long documents or emails. If you are not feeling good to type then again such dictation tools can be your friend.