Facebook is becoming so popular that people are finding their lost friends on it. Now a days almost everyone is on facebook. If you have little hint about who you are searching for then there are 80% chances that you will find that on facebook. But to find someone on facebook by their name and city you need to know some basic things.

Where to Start?

Login to facebook.com and go to www.facebook.com/search.

Facebook’s search page is presents very creative style of searching. If you are familiar with little SQL then you will understand it easily.

If you are not familiar with such terms then no need to worry, they are simple english.


What/How to Search?

Once you are logged in and on facebook search page (link above) then write this in search box: “john from washington” (without quotes) and it will present some options. Select the appropriate one and press enter.

This search will present the huge list in front of you. And mind it, they are all 100% real facebook profiles.

How to Refine the Search?

Once you are done with the basic search which will present thousands of results in front of you, your mind will start panicking about how to find the person from this huge list. Don’t work facebook has done nice work for you to refine the search.

After basic search you will see a “REFINE THIS SEARCH” box on the right side of listings. This box can do all the magic.

Select Gender, Relationship (if the person is single or married [in case you know]), Employer, School etc….

Now you can minimize the number of results and can go thru all of them within few minutes. If you are lucky enough then you might find the right person you are searching for.

Facebook is changing our lives and the way we connect socially and such detailed and convenient filtering makes it awesome to find lost friends.